Tuesday , 16 January 2018

10 Best BABY SHOWER Ideas

Traditionally, baby showers were held for a new mom and practical gifts as well as handmade ones were given to the expectant mother. Today many baby shower gifts largely depend on the type of baby shower that is taking place. It’s always good to purchase gifts from the baby shower gift registries for two reasons, one you won’t have to stress at all about what to get and two because these are items that the mother has picked out herself and you know they are things she wants or needs. Or you can make unique gifts for presents.

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  1. Tea Cup Cupcakes – Adorable and pretty tea cup cupcakes. You can bake them for a crowd in no time.
  2. Diaper Cake – Diaper cakes are so popular for baby showers and very easy to make at home. Top your cake with a small stuffed animal and its ready for the party
  3. Brownie Baby Rattles – Sweet little brownie pop baby rattles.
  4. Onesie Decorating Station – Baby clothes made with your creative fantasy. Lovely wardrobe
  5. Pacifier Cupcakes – Cute design and easy to make, adorable cupcakes. With this way you double the gift
  6. Wishing Tree – Hope and wishes in one place, on a tree… Easy to do, baby shower activity. Mom will love to read the best parenting wisdom.
  7. Cupcakes In a jar – These cupcakes in a jar are charming in an unusual way to serve individual desserts. Simple cupcakes with frosting….
  8. Onesie Bouquet – Flowers bouquet from baby clothes
  9. Baby Footprint Cupcakes – Nothing is sweeter than your little baby footprints you get from the hospital. But those tiny toes don’t stay tiny so long, so remember to capture them on your cupcakes and cookies.
  10. Flower Box cake – This flower box cake is top with cookie flowers. It’s a perfect dessert for your guests. Happy gardening…


Source: www.mums-baby.com

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