Saturday , 25 November 2017

10 funniest children’s “opinions” on marriage


Read how kids younger than ten years experiencing relationships.

Love problems often gives us headaches, but for children, on the other hand, everything seems very simple. Here’s what they say about male-female relationships:

  1. You need to marry with the one you kiss. That’s the rule.
  2. The best time for marriage is when you have 23 years. Until then you have all eternity to meet someone.
  3. For girls it is better to be single, but the boys have to get married because they need someone to clean up after them.
  4. In order to successful marriage, you need to say that the woman is pretty even when she looks like a truck.
  5. You choose a woman based on whether she likes the same things. If you like sports, she also has to like that. And she should like to bring chips and beer.
  6. When I’m done with kindergarten, I’ll find a woman ..
  7. No one decides who will they marry with. God determined long before we grow up and at the very end we find out with whom we are stuck.
  8. Marriage is boring, but the relationships are interesting. To get to know someone,firstly you have dating with him. And even boys know how to say something smart if you listen long enough.
  9. The world would not be able to function without marriage. How would you explain people where those all children came from?
  10. I do not know whether it is better being alone or married. But I know that I will never have sex with a woman.

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