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10 mothers who will make you love your body after pregnancy

Young mothers seldom forget how beautiful their bodies are, regardless of the unwanted consequences that come with the pregnancy. If you are one of them, these mothers will encourage you to show your body with pride.

After giving birth, the woman’s body is experiencing numerous changes which, although they may disappear quickly, often evoke shame between the new mothers.

The excess of weight, stretch marks, acne, belly fat… are just some of the changes for which in order to disappear, patience is key.

Nevertheless, some of the mothers show their body in that shape without any concern. They are proud of themselves and on the fact that they carried their loving child in there for 9 months. Those are the mothers that have decided to publish photos of themselves on the social networks.


Mother Claire Camp


“I always find time at the end of the day to do some exercising. I want to be strong, healthy and happy and those are the reasons why I am doing this. In that way, I am becoming a better version of myself, which makes me the best mother ever. So, if someone considers my stretch marks to be disgusting, I see it as a proof of my power and that my body, with God’s help, created a miracle.”

Mother Dominique Thompson


“This picture is a reflection of my self confidence in every way. It took me one year to finally realize that every single curve, stretch mark and hole are telling the story of my life. Whenever I think of all the good and bad things that I have been through and where I am standing now, a smile is forming on my face. This body is mine and I love every inch of it. I would like to pass this self confidence that I have to my daughter.”

Mother Abigale Polson


“This picture is close to my heart mostly because I was so set on having a natural water birth. After findingout my was breech, I had an emergency c-section. I was bummed, but all i cared about was that my baby was safe. After holding my newborn, nothing else mattered. After that day, I cherish my nick and I show it as much as possible. This Is a love nick and it will always remind me of my first child. All the wounds are beautiful and I encourage all mothers to proudly show their body after the pregnancy.

Mother of little Sidney


“This picture shows my hard work of the fresh mothers. I wanted to have a body better than any body I have ever had, and in just 3 months I achieved that with great effort and commitment.”

Mother Anna


“This photo is so important to me, because at this very moment it doesn’t matter how my body looks, but what is important is the happiness of the life.”


Mother Di Willamson


“This is true! Do you want to be happy? You have everything you need, including the decision to make that come true. You want to lose weight? Nothing can stop you if you really want it! Stick to your goals, be disciplined and be surrounded by people who will support you and the success is inevitable.”

Mother Saphira Nelemans


“After my pregnancy(and now) I struggled with postpartum depression and I was unhappy because of the way my body changed, on the inside as well as on the outside. I was always saying that stretch marks weren’t a problem for me, but I isn’t that simple. But, this picture is very important for me. It depicts the turnover. My body gave me the best thing In my life-my son!”

Mother Samantha Wills


“This is the reason I love my scars – my daughter!”

Mother Sofia


“Seven weeks after the birth. No sandwiches, no shakes, coffee or tea for losing weight, only healthy food and exercises two times a week, for now. Losing weight and getting your body in shape is not easy and I support all of the women who want to be healthy.”

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