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10 funniest children’s “opinions” on marriage

Read how kids younger than ten years experiencing relationships. Love problems often gives us headaches, but for children, on the other hand, everything seems very simple. Here’s what they say about male-female relationships: You need to marry with the one you kiss. That’s the rule. The best time for marriage is when you have 23 years. Until then you have …

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Things that every mum is doing, although she did not believe in it

Parenthood brings a lot of beautiful things and pleasures. But the truth is that every day is not such easy with children. Sometimes mom does things that had never thought that she would. And it is quite normal! We have selected some of that situation. Starring that is deaf Arguing behind closed doors or crying from the next room in …

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Leg cramps during pregnancy, how to help yourself?

  Leg cramps usually occur during the second trimester. As it goes pregnancy and belly increases so will they. The most common are during the night (but not excluded to occur during the day) and are extremely intensive and painful and often can disrupt sleep. There are several reasons for their occurrence. Leg muscles get tired easily of carrying the …

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Photographs That Show How A Baby Fits In Womb

Have you ever wondered how the baby fit in mother’s belly? Look at the wonderful photos which showing the positions of these beautiful little creatures in the womb. Mari Fermont from the Netherlands has made artworks for demonstrating newborn baby in their natural position, just as they were in the womb. Why has chosen this way of photographing and how …

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Fatherhood Changes The Brain Of A Man

It is clear that the role of the father brings many changes in the life of a man, but it is less expected that fatherhood affects at the functioning of the body. Look through what kind of changes men are going. Members of the male sex of human species are highly unusual because they belong to only six per cent …

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Draw With Your Child- Step By Step

Have fun with your child in that way that will together draw step by step, line by line. By following these instructions you will be able to draw in a simple way different animals, flowers, city etc. We have selected fun tasks for kids, a little more complicated for parents and older sibling. Enjoy!

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What To Eat During Pregnancy?

Bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals These products will give energy to you and your baby, and will help in case of possible problems with constipation and hemorrhoids, taking into account that these occurrences are the main problems during pregnancy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables Aim for diversity during consumption of fruits and vegetables. Try to eat at least five …

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