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Ice Cream For Baby – Tasty Helper During Teething

See how in ten minutes you can prepare simple and healthy ice cream for the little ones who have problems with the first sprouting teeth. To cope with the pain, your baby needs soft toys and cold food. In recent years, you can often find recipes for tasty and healthy ice cream for babies, which may be an easier way …

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Small Мeal For Your Child Is Beneficial

You should always keep in mind that a child spent on growing only 30 calories a day. This means that he needs a small amount of food per meal, actually one-fifth of the amount that is in the bowl of the parents. So do not overdo with quantity! The small meal for the child has multiple useful: the child can …

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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

It is important every day to eat balanced meals, and this is especially true for pregnant women. Most of the food is safe, but there is one that has to be removed from your list. Find out which. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals, healthy meals, controlling the amount and content of the plate are becoming crucial for you and your baby. …

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Medieval Medicine More Successful Against Superbugs Than Antibiotics

It may sound unbelievable, but a thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon medicine for ocular infection could be crucial in the eradicating of modern superbugs. The medicine, based on garlic, is still in the testing stage but proved to be an incredibly effective. Recipe for a balm anti ocular infections from the 10th century was discovered in a British Library in the book Bald’s …

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Wonderful Idea – Make Birthday Mug Cake For Kids

Is known that children’s imagination has no limits and that their creativity is exceptional. If you give them a suitable material with which can play around and do something, you will be surprised of their curiosity, skill and joy that occurs when they create something with his hard work. Enormous is the happiness on a child’s face to which you …

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Hidden Sources Of Caffeine Disturb Sleep In Children

While adults can control how much and when to drink coffee, the children can input a large amount of carbonated drinks during the day. Some of these drinks contain caffeine, which can easily disturb sleep, experts warn. Hot chocolate also contains hidden caffeine,as well as chocolate with a high content of cocoa, ice coffee, green tea (and green ice tea) …

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Aunt- Important Person In The Life Of Every Child

Aunts have a particular impact on children, in fact, those with children of their sisters or brothers can develop a special and intimate relationship. Memories of Aunt mainly relate to the fun, jokes and games. Aunt may be a real entertainer, because she does not have parental responsibility. She is a reliable advisor Aunt gives great advice, keep secret and …

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Make Delicious Muffins With Your Kids

There is no child who would not like that delicious chocolate pleasure as muffins. We offer you a recipe in which you can include your kids. Have fun and enjoy the taste. Necessary ingredients:   100 g butter   2 eggs 100 g sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 50 g melted chocolate 2 dl milk 100 g buckwheat flour …

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