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10 Practical Kitchen Tricks

Protect potatoes of the occurrence of sprouts. Store potatoes in a dark place. To prevent the occurrence of sprouts, in the bag of potatoes put one apple. Change the apple each week. Save tomato sauce. Very often for cooking various recipes we need only a small amount of tomato sauce. If you always buy one pack after each cooking and …

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Kitchen Myths

  Myth 1. Putting a plastic container in the microwave oven is harmful. Truth: Some people consider that the plastic, when is placed in a microwave oven, frees cancer-causing elements. But no need to worry. On packaging of food must to write if its package is adapted for cooking in a microwave oven. If it is allowed, you should not …

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Natural Mixture For Treating Anemia – Recipe

Poor blood count, anemia, is beginning of many health problems. You have problem with this? With this recipe you will get an excellent results. Traditional medicine has more recipes for the improvement of blood and increase of hemoglobin in the blood. This healing elixir is tested as a medicament. As well as making excellent results, it is very tasty and …

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This Trick Always Works: How To Prepare Perfect Fried Eggs

The easiest thing in the world is to fry some eggs, right? However, for perfect fried eggs you should apply a few tricks. First, you will need a pot and non-stick hotplate heated on medium heat. You also can add a few drops of water, and to cover the pan during the frying of eggs. There is a solution for …

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Foods That Little Children Under 4 Should Not Eat

Babies and young children have difficulty chewing even when they get teeth because it’s a completely new experience for them with which they must gradually to face. Certain foods can represent choking hazards up to 4 years of age. In addition to the harmfulness of certain foods, it is necessary to keep in mind and what is their structure and …

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These Herbs Naturally Increase Breast Milk Supply

First of all that every breastfeeding women should provide herself is enough sleep and rest, intake of sufficient quantities of liquids, lack of stress, and then to try to increase the amount of milk with the help of herbs. Fenugreek Fenugreek is considered as one of the most productive plants when the increase of milk production is in question. It …

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Less Known Facts For Newborns

Portal “Random Facts” published several interesting features of newborns. In Brazil, banks for human milk are well organized, and breast milk is distributed throughout the country. So mothers who are unable to breastfeed, have the opportunity to feed their children with this kind milk.  Four percent of babies are born in the set date. In the United States each year …

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Be Fit Mother: A Simple Strategy For Rapid Weight Loss

New research once again proved how much benefit we can have from the good old water. The key to losing weight is simple – drink half a liter of water before each meal. Obese adults were asked to drink just enough water 30 minutes before each meal for 12 weeks All previously consultation on healthy eating and received advice on …

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Ice Cream From Breast Milk: She Find The Best Way To Refresh Her Baby!

In these hot days to all of us is difficult, but this mother found a way to help his son for a little refresh. Catherine Ward thought up new ice cream made from its milk. Thirty-eight year old mother decided milk from their breasts to freeze in an ice bag. She thought up the perfect refreshing dessert for her four-month-old …

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