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6 Ideas For A Delicious And Nutritious Meal For A Baby

Prepare healthy meals for children who are just discovering the empire of taste and smell. Here are some ideas … Whether your child is just switching to solid foods, or already enjoys a variety of tastes and textures, new ideas for the meal are always welcome. Therefore, we have prepared a list of a few foods that will make your kids …

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5 Recipes For A Healthy Breakfast For Your Kids

Offer your child a healthy and tasty first daily meal. You have already had the opportunity to read how important breakfast is for children, and now here are a few ideas on how to prepare. Sandwich with fried egg It is necessary: – 2 eggs – 2 teaspoons oil – 4 pieces of bread – ketchup Preparation Briefly put bread …

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Find Out Which Foods Are Forbidden For Infants

  If you are not sure which type of food is recommended for the youngest children, see a list of prohibited foods. There are certain foods that, for various reasons, no matter how beneficial they acting on the health of adults, can cause damage if are ate of babies. According to experts from parental magazine “American Baby”, these include: Cow’s …

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How To Prepare Most Delicious, Warmest And Healthiest Drink

Creamy, hot drink, one that is made from the root of the salep. A great ally in the fight against flu and cough. Earlier it was in such a pure form. Today more frequently we find it in other variants and derived from other plants, but if can not be otherwise, then select powder salep. Here’s how to prepare this …

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Prepare And Enjoy In Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Preparing Surprise your children with these delicious dessert. Delicious dessert which is preparing for just a few minutes. Before you cut bananas at the half put them a little time in fridge, and then prick them on the sticks of ice cream. Melt chocolate in microwave in ovenproof dish. Cover bananas with chocolate on their entire surface and decorate them …

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Breakfast Of Oat Flakes Better-Tasting Than Ever

One of the most valuable and most medicinal cereal with a little imagination can easily in a healthy way to become an integral part of every meal. 1. Cakes with cherries and Indian nuts Mix oat flakes with finely chopped Indian nuts, candied cherries, olive oil and honey. Make balls and place in a pan for baking in the oven. …

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How Truly Fruit Juices Are Healthy For Children

  Juice as a part of the fruit group in pyramid of nutrition, is a healthy food when is consumed in recommended amounts. Offer to your child this sweet drink even then when it can drink from a cup. Fruit juices are a test of how much does children love sweets. Because they are low in fiber, they are drunk …

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How To Freeze Baby Food

Have you ever wondered whether you can freeze food that you have prepared and your child had not eaten it and how much it would be safe for the baby. We will help you with some tips on how you can keep the baby food in the refrigerator. We are sure that these tips will be of great benefit, and …

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How To Make Fried Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS Eight balls of ice cream (optionally flavored) 3 cups crushed cornflakes 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp sugar 3 egg whites oil PREPARATION Put the ice cream into a bowl and place in refrigerator for 1 hour to harden. In a bowl mix the cornflakes, sugar and cinnamon. In another bowl beat the egg whites. Remove the ice cream balls …

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