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How To Make Dried Fruit Snack (Using Oven)

Do you know that you can make your favorite dried fruit at home. Just with using your oven, and the method is easy. The fruit is heated to a a low temperature that allows the water to evaporate, and the chances of growth of bacteria is minimal. Preparing the fruit First you need to prepare – Always choose ripe fruit …

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More Resistant Are Children Growing Up In Dirt

“Our research suggests that ultra-clean, ultra-hygienic, sterile environment in early life may influence the inflammatory process, namely, contribute to higher levels of inflammatory processes in the body later in life,” said study author Thomas McDade of Northwestern University in Illinois. The Americans, in cooperation with the Philippine scientists followed more than three thousand Filipino children from birth to 22 years. …

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Caution! Sodas Cause Of Earlier Puberty In Girls.

Frequent consumption of soda can be related with an earlier onset of puberty in girls, suggests research conducted at Harvard. Following around 5,600 girls aged between 9 and 14 years, scientists have calculated that among the respondents who drank more than 1.5 doses of soda a day, their first menstruation occurred on average 2.7 months earlier than in their peers …

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Plan Of Supplemental Nutrition Until 3 Years

When and which foods should be introduced in the child’s nutrition? With our calendar solve your dilemmas related to supplementary feeding of children. Supplementary food is introduced when baby turn 4-6 months. Here is how should look the plan of introducing foods into the nutrition of a child: 0-4 (6) months – Breast milk or formula (breast milk or formula …

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6 Most Common Myths About Nutrition Of Babies

Myth – Allergy to breast milk Truth: There is no baby that is allergic to milk of its mother. As Doctors explain, ‘it is easy to misunderstand the signs such as the refusal of milk, but the fact is that allergy is biologically impossible’ ‘. From points out that it is possible that the baby is allergic to food that …

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Why You Should Not Drink Several Times From The Same Bottle

Do you use a same plastic bottle for several times, either for water or juice? Find out why experts think its not a good idea … Plastic packaging, particularly bottles which touch the mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, which especially during the summer period and high temperatures are reproducing more. Each time you re-use disposable bottle, the bacterias …

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7 Ideas For Quick And Healthy Summer Dinner For You And Your Kids

Vegetable and Pasta Nothing better in hot days then combination of vegetables and pasta. Thanks to its refreshing taste, you’ll enjoy this salad on hot summer dinner. You can have some fun, so you will add different shapes of pasta. Cook the pasta and when it cool, mix it with mozzarella and steamed or fresh vegetables – zucchini, tomatoes, peppers …

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11 Rules About The Introduction Of Solid Foods In Your Baby’s Menu

The introduction of solid foods should not be a burden to any child, neither for mother. In selection of foods you must take into account the season, the habits in family and economic factors. Breastfeeding is the best nutrition of children from birth to six months of life. After that, except mother’s milk it is necessary to gradually add other …

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Make Delicious Truffles In Just Five Minutes

Truffles with banana and coconut are incredibly delicious, and their preparation does not involves baking. Read how in just five minutes, you can prepare this delicious pleasure. Ingredients: 200 grams of coconut two bananas 200 grams of powdered sugar 200 grams low fat ground biscuits. Preparation: Mash bananas and add the powdered sugar. All together mix well. Insert only 100 grams …

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