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Playful Design Of Couch That Looks Like A Huge And Comfortable Nest

Mera (Salute) Ejtan  and Geston Zar the “OGE Creative Group” were inspired by the structure of the nest, and therefore decided to design a playful space for relaxation. This design called “The vast nest of birds to create new ideas” and consists of a circular wooden structure filled with soft cushions in the form of eggs. On this couch you …

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Powerful Photographs Of Mothers Who Breastfeed Their Children In Public

Photographer Yvette Ivens seeks breastfeeding in public to become generally accepted without judgment.As a mother of two children, she will try and will try breastfeeding to be seen as a completely normal thing, it actually is. “I breastfeed my child where I wanted. From churches to parties, from the markets, to expensive shops. I believe that mothers should have the …

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How Do You Get Rid Of Secret From The Respiratory

If your child has a problem with respiratory tract and secretion, which occurs more frequently in cold days, read this doctor answers to important questions on this topic. One mom asks: “My five-year daughter since the seventh month of life has lung problems. Then she had bronchiolitis, which was repeated three more times in the next six months. Almost every …

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How To Simply Reduce High Temperature

For the first you’ve heard and probably even have examined: compresses with vinegar. Oh yes! We assume that as children you probably permanently were “treated” with them. Generally, there is hardly a more efficient way to reduce a high temperature. Coatings are placed in the hottest parts of the body – the forehead, abdomen, feet. Giving relief by cooling, but …

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15 Ideas for Your Home with Wooden Barrels

The advent of spring is a great opportunity to wake the creative spirit, and why not to bring a dose of variety to your home? We are often surrounded by old, seemingly useless things, unaware that they can become a great interior solutions. We need only a good idea, a little time and imagination. So today we offer 15 ways …

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7 Simple “Do It Yourself” Ideas

Collecting interesting ideas and apply them in your home is always fun. Be your own master and make something to shine up your interior or exterior is very commendable. All of us at least once created a decoration. “Do It Yourself” is every day more and more popular hobby. Financial position many times doesn’t allow us to invest in the …

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Why You Should Not Treat The Cold With Medicines

During a cold or virus, parents must know that it is not a crucial decision for children to be given an antibiotic. It should be understood that the temperature is a natural defense mechanism that our bodies defend. At the moment when the body temperature will climb to 38.5 then the body releases more than 3 billion white blood cells …

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Surprised Your Children With This Homemade Kinetic Sand

If your children want to play with sand, but you just do not want its presence in the house, then enable your children perfect entertainment in cold days and clean house at the same time – make kinetic sand for them. Kinetic sand is very similar to ordinary sand but also so different. His phenomenon is that in some strange …

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Video That Has Saved More Then 40 Children’s Lives

British Hospital “St. Johns” record educational video which least up till now, has saved almost 40 young lives. In it is explained, how parents or anyone else who is nearby, should react if a child is choking. Hospital staff conducted research that led them to take serious steps. The survey results showed that 40 percent of parents do not know …

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