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Two Different Creative Interiors For Artist

If you are an artist, your home is not just a place where you sleep. It should serve as a source of inspiration. While some artists particulars required space that will be their “white canvas”, to others are memories, photos, personal items, and even colors, designs and textures of something from where they draw inspiration. Look at the two apartments …

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Message of a mother in postpartum depression touched the hearts of women

In recent days, on the Internet is circulating photo of a young mother who was for a short time experienced popularity, but not because of the perfect body after childbirth or due to the irresistible smile of her baby. The first days of motherhood are magical and beautiful for almost every mother, but let’s be honest – they are very …

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This Photo Has Conquered The World! -Incredible Story

Rose Kanfild died on Monday in her 101st year. Although this old lady is gone, her last photo will leave a huge mark in the hearts of many people across the world. Photo of Rose Canfield and her great-grandchildren Kelly Rowland recently lit the internet. The difference between Grandma and infant at the time of shooting were incredible 101 years. …

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Identical Triplets Surprised All Except Their Dad

This happens once in a million. Jody Kinsey (30) from Miles City’s in December gave birth to identical triplets. All three boys are healthy and have a good development. Their father had expected his wife to give birth to twins, because his father has a twin brother. Only every millionth triplets conceived naturally. Proud parents with their triplets When the …

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Which Foods To Avoid Because Make You Smell Bad

Believe it or not, there are foods that make you smell bad and that in the literal sense. After you eat, not only will they destroy your breath, but also create their secretion of substances through your pores that cause odor. Following food items that should avoid, unless of course you want to have an unpleasant body odor. Onion Except that …

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Bad News For Anti-Baby Pills. Must Read This If You Use Them !

Unfortunately, oral contraceptives, however good in preventing unwanted pregnancy, should not be used for many years, as is the risk of cancer of the brain. Many years of using the contraceptive pill can to double the risk of brain cancer, research has shown recently, but the Danish scientists said that in reality, the chances of women suffer from such a …

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Inspirative Wall Decorations In The Form Of Wood

Decorate the walls with stickers or templates with wood motif, painting or decorating the walls with real branches can be beautiful and inspiring ideas. Imagine a tree with branches, leaves, birds and butterflies that brings life to any room in your home. Whether it is real or painted, only decoration on the wall, or there is a useful purpose, the …

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