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Words that heal all: Wise story that everyone should read!

Once a saint was walking on nature and as it passed a small village, he approached a woman, all in tears, begging him to come and help her sick son. He went with her, and the whole village gathered around him because such a person is not seen every day. They brought the sick child, and he spoke a prayer …

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Drink That Stop The Spread Of Metastases.

Drink that eliminates the heavy metals and radionuclides from the body, as well as tumor cells, and stop the spread of metastases.  Especially recommended for residents of areas affected by the radiation. Do not think that only with usage of this recipe will cure more severe forms of cancer, but it can help in the initial stages if it is …

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8 Stunning Photos a Man Captured of His Girlfriend’s Home Birth

  Photographer Gustavo Gomes has captured—in painstaking detail—his girlfriend’s 20-hour home birth to glorify the beauty of going au naturel, so to speak. Also to prove that he’s dating one helluva “Besides being our personal story, we hope these photos can raise awareness about natural and home childbirth in Brazil,” Gomes told us. good sport.   “Our country has the highest cesarean rates in the world–around 50% …

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When doctors saw these 5 babies, they could not believe their eyes! (photo, video)

Couple Busby, Adam and Daniel, have already had a baby daughter when they decided to expand their family. Daniel was two months later got pregnant by artificial insemination. Although the first ultrasound scan seen 4 embryos, one was divided and the second examination she stumbled upon another surprise. In fact, Daniel was carrying quintuplets. However, a miracle was followed by …

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Sexy mother of three children defy the gravity with sexy yoga poses

With her incredibly tight and flexible body, you will not even imagine that this 34-year-old Russian woman is the mother of three children. Marina Vovchenko from Moscow has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram because of the photos by which resists the gravity, but also the body to which every mother is jealous. Usually wear underwear that emphasizes her curves, …

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Recipe of the day: Christmas tree with Nutella

Baking the perfect holiday baked goods known to be a challenge and adventure, especially if you have the right recipe. Imagine the scent that will spread throughout the home and smell that will attract everyone from the youngest to the oldest, around the kitchen. This Christmas tree with Nutella is just such a – delicious, soft, hot and sweet. Ingredients: …

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Folk Medicine As A Help For Children Upsets

Do not be afraid sometimes to use natural remedies for your dearest to get rid of some diseases. Inflammation of the airways   If the child has an inflammation of the airways, light food is always most welcome. Give him soups, fresh squeezed juices and teas. For get rid of cough and thus to boost immunity, give him hot water …

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