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Dr. Hulda Clark – a revolutionary doctor who discovered the real causes of “incurable” diseases

American doctor Hulda Regehr Clark in the second part of the last century came to important discoveries, which lays out a new direction in the development of medicine. Dr. Clark (1928 2009). was a physiologist, biophysicist, naturopath and author of eight books on alternative medicine, including six on the subject of cancer. She studied at the Chinese University of Saskatchewan, …

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Cow’s milk – a poison or medicine? View of the team of Ayurveda

Milk is our first food in life, and no wonder that the world is so dependent on him. It is in Ayurveda, like ghee and honey, considered one of the most valuable foods. Breast milk contains all the nutrients that are necessary for the development of babies. Unfortunately, modern society is no longer the price of milk quality. In the …

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Recipes For 10 Kinds Of Delicious And Healthy Vegetable Milk

Human  is the only mammal that drinks milk as adults and that of other species! The purpose of the milk is to feed the offspring of its kind, and therefore the milk of any mammal different composition to be precisely adapted to the offspring of that particular species. Every mammal growing up losing the ability to digest milk sugar and …

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These Photos Men Were Considered For “Disgusting. What Is Your Opinion ?

Breastfeeding can be an art, especially if is immortalized in front of camera. The mother and artist Jade Bill took photos of different mothers while they were breastfeeding their children. This artist success using the camera to notice the most intimate moments between mothers and their babies. Soon after she has published photos of her Facebook page, because of the …

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Alternative Cancer Treatment: From The Raw Food To Healing Frequencies

Raw diet, elimination diet, treatment frequency, or some other time? Some of the methods of natural healing many have already used not necessarily to combat the disease, but as a part of healthy living and eating habits. 1. Bioresonance Medicine Dr. Raymond Rife, a scientist who made his mark in optics, electronics, biochemistry, ballistics and radiation, yet in 1934 cured …

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Time For Nettle: Introduce This In Your Child’s Diet

Nettle is known for its benefits for health, but it can also be used to prepare healthy porridge Immunity your children the best you will strengthen the introduction of this not-so-popular plants spring is the time to enrich the children’s menu. Prepare nettle puree that will soon be in abundance. Do not forget blanched nettles and throw water before using …

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