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Encourage Lactation, Relieve Mastitis And Enjoy Breastfeeding With The Help Of Natural Resources

Although breastfeeding seems so simple and natural, often going “smoothly”, especially in the beginning. Sometimes there is a deficit or a surplus of milk, cracked nursing nipples, mastitis, inflammation and other problems. Well worth the effort. And nature has here offered numerous solutions – in the form of tea, coating, plasters and other ways in which mothers could easily overcome …

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Natural And Healthy Sedatives

The herb Valerian is used in cases of general anxiety and nervousness, irritability, against insomnia caused by psychological problems, and in the case of increased heart rate with a sense of fear. Hawthorn is very useful natural remedy for relaxation of the heart by expanding blood vessels and the heart to relax the nervous system. It is recommended to people …

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I Documented What It’s Like To Be A Mom With A Selfie Stick

Skorobogatova Yuliya made a series of selfie photos that in honest way document motherhood and situations with which all mothers face as they raise their babies. “My days all look the same, like twin brothers and sisters. I get to know the fact that a weekend has started from seeing my husband in a daytime and not only at waking up …

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Detox Space And Clean The Air: Which Plant In Which Room To Put

Indoor plants are a balm for that part of us that yearns for nature. Green, numerous studies have shown, that reduces stress, helps hyperactive children in the control of behavior, improves concentration and mood … In addition, plants in the home greatly improve air quality. According to research by the American agency NASA, indoor plants can removed from the air …

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DIY – Homemade Curable Aloe Vera Gel

Everything you need for making medicinal aloe gel are several fresh and mature leaves of this plant … Aloe vera has a beneficial effect on our body. It is used for detoxification, boost immunity, rinsing the mouth, blood cleansing, skin regeneration … Everything you need to create your own healing gel of aloe vera is several of its fresh leaves …

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Homemade Nutella- Get 1.5 kg Healthier Nutella Without Additives

Ingredients: 1 liter of milk 200 g quality butter (butter) 6 tablespoons flour 6 tablespoons cocoa powder 200 g of powdered sugar 1 egg 200 g hazelnuts Preparation: Hazelnut Finely grind or chop in a blender (as much smaller – the better) Mix the cocoa, flour and powdered sugar In this add half a liter of milk and egg, stir …

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What About Wet Nursing ? – The Experience Of One Mother

A Texas mother is getting quite a bit of attention recently after releasing a series of photos. Unfortunately, it’s not so much her that people are concerned about, but rather what’s on her chest – and many are saying the pictures have gone viral for the wrong reason. Although has two children, mom Lacy decided to help those mothers who for some …

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