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Disgusting Or Stunning: Mother Shared Photo While Breastfeeding And Devided Opinions Of The Internet Community

Although is aware that for most people breastfeeding her three year old son completely unacceptable, Jade shared photo on her Facebook profile and so caused a “storm” on the Internet. Mother Jade Bill, which is professionally engaged in photographing, on her official Facebook page, she shared photograph of herself while breastfeeding her son. Photography has caused a lot of comments …

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Thanks To The Adapted Мilk, I Became A Better Mom!

Although breastfeeding is best for mother and baby, it can sometimes be a big problem. Mother and blogger Constance Hall decided to publicly speak about it because she decided to stop breastfeeding her children. Mom Constance passed three times through the experience called breastfeeding and how it is wonderful, but she do not skips hard things with which she faced. …

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7 Healthy Snacks For Mothers Who Breastfeed

When you breastfeed your baby, you need to eat healthy food in your body, because your body uses all energy to produce quality milk. Most experts advise young mothers who are breastfeeding to import an extra 500 calories a day, because in this way increases their energy. But the reality is that today’s mothers have busy schedule and sometimes forget …

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The Most Amazing Photographs Of Births Ever Seen

Nothing compares to the moment when your little one you have brought to this world. And these photographs “caught” by professional photographers around the world will leave you speechless. The photos are among the most beautiful moments of birth and photos are mandatory for every mother, father, grandfather and grandmother and future mother. Every year the International Association of Professional …

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Which Oil Is Allowed To Be Used For Cooking And Which Should Be Avoided

-For The heat treatment of food is safest to use fat-dominated stable saturated fatty acids, such as butter and coconut oil. (Below, you can read the full list separately for each oil, which is recommended for cooking) Olive oil dominated with monounsaturated fatty acids and can also be used for food preparation. Although is not saturated fatty acids, this oil …

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Noni – Miraculously Fruit Prevents Cancer

This fruit contains 18 amino acids and many important substances, and its positive effects on many health conditions has long been known in some foreign countries. Noni is used for centuries in Polynesia, India, Tahiti and Hawaii. It is used as food and medicine. Noni fruit belongs to the group of 80 herbs belonging to most medical plant an effective …

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Photo: Mother Continues To Breastfeed Her Six Year Old Daughter

Masha Al Musa is 52 years old and has six year old daughter that she still breastfeed. The mother proudly says that she will continues to breastfeed her daughter anywhere and anytime, as long as her child requires it, because it is her natural right and necessary. Her daughter has not received any vaccine because the mother believed in the …

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Most Effective Natural Antibiotic Against Infections And Fungi

This  healthful  recipe over time has become an integral part of folk medicine whereby is an excellent natural antibiotic that kills bacteria. Also, this product has a strong antiviral and antifungal formula, improves blood circulation and lymph flow in all parts of the body, and is a successful cure for candida. According to the experiences, many helped in the treatment …

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