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SALT i OIL: medicinal mixture … you will not feel pain for several years

Neck osteochondrosis is difficult, however, can be treated. I suggest you try a very interesting recipe. After its application, you will not feel pain for several years. It is a mixture for massage that is preparing of with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can use sea water). Medicated mixture preparing now for the entire course of medication. You will …

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“Natural caesarean section” Mother caused a storm of reactions since posted a video of childbirth

Mother prompted conflicting comments from Internet users after publishing a video of birth to a new method called “natural caesarean section.” While some have dubbed the method breathtaking, others believe that this technique is quite unnatural. In the video, shared by young mother Sarah Sanders, doctors do incision on the belly of the pregnant woman as in normal cesarean section, …

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Do you sleep with your socks on or off? Find out what it reveals about you

There are two types of people in the world: those who wear socks to bed and whose who prefer to sleep barefoot. Some find it impossible to sleep if their feet are bare, they feel cold and have to jump out of a bed in the middle of the night to put on their favorite socks. Others experience the exact opposite — they find it very uncomfortable to have socks on once they’re in bed; it gives them a stuffy feeling, …

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How large salaries mothers deserve do be paid ?

Mothers work a lot of things 94 hours a week, without any financial compensation. It is estimated that should earn 113,568 dollars (85,000 euros) per year. When are in role of mothers, women do not consider time. Whether they are employed or housewives, routinely face with range of thankless job: cooking, purchasing, wearing and taking children out of school, training …

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25 of the most incredible journeys to school in the world

To the delight (or dismay) of millions, the new school term is beginning in many countries throughout the world. But in some parts of the world, school is a hard-won luxury. Many children throughout the world take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us take for granted. We were astounded to learn of the sheer bravery some of these kids show every day — all for the sake …

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Nine great tips to make drinking water taste better

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. But many of us just don’t find drinking regular water all that enjoyable. We at Bright Side would like to offer you some simple tricks to make drinking water more enticing. You can do this just by adding different ingredients. We’re sure that you’ll want to try out all of these healthy drinks. The steps are easy to follow in all …

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22 essential parenting lifehacks you can’t live without

Unless you want your life as a parent to become a never-ending war for cleanliness and order, you you need to use simple tricks to make it significantly easier. Luckily, these tricks don’t involve running around the city and spending money — just your wits and imagination will be enough. Bright Side found these 22 lifehacks which no parent can live without. We’re sure that your children will thank you for …

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Ten gorgeous breakfasts that take just 15 minutes to cook

Our usual morning rush means that we can only dream about having the time to make and eat a delicious and nicely served breakfast — it simply takes too much time to cook. No doubt all of us prefer an extra hour of sleep to breakfast. But we at Bright Side are sure that a good breakfast can make any morning better. It provides you with the energy and inspiration you need to start a new day. …

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One man’s perspective on overcoming life’s difficulties and raising a happy child

Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He has no legs and arms, but his disability didn’t prevent him from becoming successful and, way more importantly, happy. He is a world-famous motivational speaker, deeply caring husband and loving father. He motivates and encourages people with disabilities from all over the world. In August, 2015 Nick and his wife welcomed …

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‘For the record, my bub is healthy’: Six-months pregnant Instagram model hits back at critics trying to shame her for posting photos of her incredibly toned tummy

An Instagram famous model is turning heads and silencing her critics with her positive and healthy outlook during her pregnancy. Hannah Polites, 24, from the Gold Coast, has been showing off her growing baby bump on her Instagram, which appears taunt and tiny despite the blonde bombshell being six months pregnant. Hannah has over one million followers on Instagram, where she …

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