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Anchorage Teen Gives Breast Milk To The Baby She Gave Up For Adoption

Kaleena Pysher made some very big decisions recently that showed a strength and maturity far beyond her nineteen years. In November, the Anchorage teenager had a baby girl that she decided to give up for adoption. The story doesn’t end there though. When the adoptive parents arrived at the hospital Pysher insisted they bond with the baby and she stopped holding …

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Homemade Ice Cream Vegan-Dairy-Free Coconut Recipe

  INGREDIENTS for base Ice Cream 1 can (13.5 oz) full-fat coconut milk ⅔ cups sugar or (1/5 cup of stevia) 2 cans (13.5 oz each) full-fat coconut milk 2 tsp vanilla extract (optional) 1. Chill 2 cans of coconut milk in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight 2. Empty the contents of other 1 cans of …

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Social Experiment – UNICEF – Homeless Children – Video

There’s been made a social experiment by UNICEF in which 6-year-old girl has the role, Anna. This “homeless” child was treated very differently depending on how she was dressed. To show that “street kids” are treated worse than ordinary children, children who are well dressed. When Anna was dressed like the “street kids” the people were so cruel to her, some …

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Use these 2 ingredients to heal ear infection and remove earwax

We can all agree- one of the most annoying things we deal with every day is earwax. Even though it`s purpose is to protect the ears, extracting excess wax from the ears may cause ear infection. The ear infection can be very painful. But before you go to the store to buy something for pain relief, read here how to …

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Amazing! MRI scan caught twin babies fighting in their mother`s womb!

When the mother is expecting twins, the joy and happiness of the whole family increase. Everyone wants to give advices and suggestion on what the expectant mother should or shouldn`t do. The Public Library of Science One stated that twin fetuses are learning and showing some social skill from the womb. Both babies are capable of social interaction with others …

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BEWARE: Their Son Lost 75% Of His Eyesight Due To A Little “Toy” He Had At Home

Children are curious creatures. They are constantly exploring and experimenting, which is a healthy part of learning and growing up, but it can sometimes get them hurt. While kids are always getting scrapes, bruises, and sometimes even broken bones, the damage can sometimes be more severe and even irreversible. A classic, common household toy may be looked upon differently by …

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Watch: Mother Gives Birth Unassisted In Nature

To the women worldwide this Australian mother wanted to show and to encourage them that to successfully deliver a baby they can believe in their bodies and instincts. You can see the whole process of giving birth without assistance in the article below. Sometimes they do not get the proper care regardless of the fact that US is the richest …

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DOCTORS IN SHOCK: It is born baby – pregnant with twins

This is a medical phenomenon that occurred only 200 times ever in the total medical history. Doctors in Hong Kong believed that born girl has two tumors, and it turns out that the newborn was difficult and with twins. Newborn girl in the body had two fetus, which was about 10 weeks old, wrote “Mirror”. This is about fertilized egg …

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