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Mum breastfeeds baby found abandoned on the street

A woman in China has been dubbed the ‘most beautiful mother’ for nursing an abandoned baby girl who had been discovered crying on the street. The unnamed mother, who is reported to be 26 years old, volunteered to breastfeed the child who is thought to have been just a few days old, reports the People’s Daily Online. The newborn was first …

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Mums who put their babies on diets: Low-calorie. No sugar. Gluten-free. These loving mothers insist strict diets are best for tots. But could they do more harm than good?

Dylan Cooper is on a dietary regime that would put even the most health conscious among us to shame. He cleanses his system with chia seeds for breakfast and eats spinach cooked in coconut oil for lunch. Quinoa stir-fry is a favourite for dinner and the nearest he gets to fast food is home-made chicken nuggets coated in spelt batter. …

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Natural ways to beat the stomach virus

Diarrhea, straining, nausea and vomiting truly are very nasty symptoms of the stomach viruses, which last for 2-5 days average. The majority of us knows that combining lemon and coffee can act as a cure against headaches, but in the same time this combo has proved as a great way to deal with acute diarrhea. Mix 2 tbsp. of coffee …

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Single mother, 33, is thrown out of West End theatre for BREASTFEEDING her 10-month old baby 10 minutes into Green Day musical American Idiot

A single mother was ‘humiliated’ after being thrown out of a West End show for breast feeding her baby daughter. Sam Lucas, 33, had gone to see the Broadway musical American Idiot at the Arts Theatre in central London, with her 10-month-old and sister Jackie, 32, when staff sent her packing. She described the experience as the ‘worst in her …

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The One Topic That Should Be Off Limits With Your Kids

My parents never said anything to me about my weight. Not a peep. Even after I returned home from my freshman year of college 15 pounds heavier. Turns out, I was lucky. I have more than a few friends who heard critical comments about their weight growing up—and they all remember those comments vividly, the sting of the words still …

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This Multitasking Momboss Proves Creativity Doesn’t Stop After Baby

When, according to The Daily Dot, an artist named Marina Abramovic admitted in an interview that she had three abortions to essentially avoid sacrificing her talent for her kids, another Brooklyn-based artist and mom, Hein Koh, felt she needed to respond. And Koh did it in the most awesome way imaginable. She posted a photo of herself to Instagram tandem-breastfeeding …

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