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Exclusive Interview: What Hillary Clinton Promises to Do For Families

During the primary season, we polled nearly 1,000 of you about what moms want in a president. According to our exclusive survey, the most important issues to families were health care, education, child-care costs, the economy and good jobs, and maternity and paternity leave. We reached out to both presidential candidates to ask about their plans to address these crucial issues. Donald Trump …

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Mom’s Viral Post Slams People Who Think C-Sections Are ‘The Easy Way Out’

A Missouri mom’s viral post is tearing down some ridiculous misconceptions about C-section births. On Aug. 19, Raye Lee, who gave birth to her son Roxas via C-section just five days earlier, posted photos of her post-surgery scar on Facebook. In the caption, she shared a powerful message about the way people tends to view this method of childbirth. Lee begins …

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How to Survive Living With A Loud Child

My 6-year-old is loud.  Like really, really loud.  If he’s not talking to me, he’s singing, chatting to himself, tapping on tables, and overall just making noise. Lots of noise. Unfortunately, noise is one of my yelling triggers. I get overwhelmed when I can’t hear myself think. I get annoyed when my thoughts are interrupted and I have to push …

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The Weight of Motherhood

Seven is the number of pounds I lost in my first trimester with my son, because I could not stomach anything but waffles, cereal, Pop Tarts and toaster pastries. I had no idea that pregnancy could make a woman quite that sick for weeks at a time. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as I …

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Woman Pregnant For 17 Months Breaks World’s Record

A Chinese woman identified as Wang Shi carried a full term pregnancy for 17 solid months instead of the standard 9 months, setting a new world record for longest pregnancy ever recorded. Though unintentionally, Wang Shi has set a new world record for the longest term pregnancy in the world. The woman, who is presently 17-months pregnant, has agreed with …

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Allow your children to get dirty!

Many of the parents, after their child is born, try to keep their home sterile because they think, for the baby to be healthier, that’s an a must. But, that approach is wrong. Scrubbing the floors, cleaning and washing the toys with which the kids play, not allowing them to be in presence of animals… many of the parents do …

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Do Breast Implants Result In Lower Breastfeeding Rates? [Study]

Breast augmentation (breast implant) surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the world. There has been an increase in the number of these procedures being performed in the past two decades, especially in high income countries, including Australia. In 2011, 8000 Australian women underwent breast augmentation surgery. It’s important for women to be able to make …

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