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Who babysits your kids?

Babysitting once was the best way for teenagers to make their own pocket money, but most of the modern parents say that they will allow only other adults or members of the family to babysit their kids. The modern parents say that they remember how teenagers used to babysit them when they were kids, but they don’t want the same …

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10 mothers who will make you love your body after pregnancy

Young mothers seldom forget how beautiful their bodies are, regardless of the unwanted consequences that come with the pregnancy. If you are one of them, these mothers will encourage you to show your body with pride. After giving birth, the woman’s body is experiencing numerous changes which, although they may disappear quickly, often evoke shame between the new mothers. The …

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Who is happier, couples with kids or childfree couples?

The scientists came to a conclusion that couples with children are as happy as the ones who decide to not have children. “Parents value their own life more highly than people without children, but those who have children tend to be wealthier, better educated and in better health”, the study shows. “When you have the control over all of these …

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13 Power Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

    Ever wonder how to lower blood pressure naturally?  Sodium has always been the blood pressure bogeyman—shake most of it from your high blood pressure diet and you’ll be safe. But research now shows that it’s just as important to choose foods naturally low in sodium and high in at least two of the three power minerals: calcium, magnesium, …

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High Calorie Meal Is Bad For Baby!

Three-quarters of parents of babies give them too much high-calorie food, said a survey conducted in Britain. Such foods, infant formula, milk powder and pastes should not be given to babies in excessive amounts. – Individual parents in nutrition of a baby insist on consuming more calories. Before the end of the first year, children are very active, so that …

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