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How to calm down your child during the vaccination

Look at the simple methods to pay attention during vaccination. Not even adults can often cope with the pain caused by the process of vaccination, so it is not surprising that babies cry each time the needle touches their gentle skin. Until now we did not have a prescription to calm down the child and remove the pain, but the …

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Feel free to eat garlic and quickly neutralize its smell!

If you want garlic, but avoid it because of the unpleasant smell and taste it leaves in your mouth, you can now relax because there is a solution to this problem … Garlic has a special flavor that most people like, while it is also very healthy. Often also called the most powerful natural antibiotic. But when we eat, we …

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How My Daughter Taught Me that Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

“It’s fun to watch you both grow up,” the doctor said, putting a Band-Aid over the site where my three-year-old daughter had just received the MMR vaccine. At first, I bristled at her condescension, at the idea that I somehow still had growing up to do. But it was true. When I’d first visited her office three years before, I …

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“I went out for ice cream and came home with my baby!”

Read Olivia Siegl’s real birth story – she had a pregnancy craving she just couldn’t resist… It was a sunny afternoon in July when I got a craving for an ice cream and some fresh air. I was 34 weeks pregnant. Because my daughter, Eva, had been premature, the doctors wanted to play it safe, so I needed lots of rest …

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IVF and ovarian cancer – what you need to know

We investigate the real facts behind the shouty headlines warning of a link between IVF and ovarian cancer. What’s the story? A new report out today has revealed that women who have IVF treatment are 37% more likely than those who don’t to develop ovarian cancer. The research has been carried out using records from 255,000 Britons over the past …

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Jennifer Lopez pregnant with her third child at age 47

JENNIFER Lopez is every woman’s idol, there is nothing that the superstar can’t handle. So the rumours that she is pregnant at 47 years old don’t surprise us. According to US publication Life & Style, the singer is “over the moon” to be expecting with her long-term boyfriend, Casper Smart. A source reportedly told the mag that Casper, 29, has been begging J-Lo …

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