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Cancer Survivor Shared The Recipe That Saved Her Life!

A woman from Bosnia, who wishes to stay anonymous, wants to share her story on how she defeated a very serious and life threatening disease since many people suffer from it and fight to defeat it. This woman was diagnosed with endocrine cancer and her healthy condition was in an alarming state. She spent 3 weeks in hospital plugged in …

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Fake Embryos Can Now Make Babies Without A Woman’s Help

Here ye, Here ye. After many years of women becoming mothers without a man in the process (sort of), using artificial insemination to ingest sperm into their birth canals and having babies, scientists have conducted preliminary experiments that may make it possible for babies to be made with a sperm and ‘fake embryo’.1 Using mice, scientists created healthy baby mice …

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Should Parents Use Muzzles To Keep Their Babies Quiet In Public?

Silence is golden.  But is it preventable?  For young children — babies, especially — loud noises are part of their culture.  In fact, unusual quietness in a baby can oftentimes be seen as sign of something being not quite right.  Still, people can be stubborn.  The world apparently revolves around their eardrums.  And the prospect of donning toddlers’ mouths with …

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What kind of mom forgets her baby? This Mom

Every summer, there are these terrible headlines:  Parent forgets child in car, and child dies.” The details are grisly. And the comments on Facebook reflect horror and shock: What kind of parent leaves their kid in a car and forgets about them? Let me tell you: Any kind of parent can forget their kid in a car. And THIS parent …

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The Whole World Celebrates: Cuban Doctors Achieve Cure For Vitiligo

Many people from all around the world suffer from this vicious disease and the worst part of this disease was that up until now this disease had no cure. Lucky for those suffering from it, this disease now has a cure. Vitiligo, or widely known as leucoderma, is a disease in which the skin color so progressive. According to some …

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The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever: Kills Any Infection in The Body!

In case you are looking for a powerful, all natural and super healthy antibiotic, then, continue reading this article! You can easily prepare this remedy at home and it will recharge your body as well as make it work perfectly.  Building a powerful and unbreakable immunity is crucial for the body to operate properly. Forget all inflammation and infections thanks …

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