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Your Skin’s New Best Friend – Bacteria That Eats Your Sweat!

In an era of ever-increasing cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants, and so much more, the incidence of skin issues and sensitivities is on the rise. If you thought that acne is just an issue with teenage girls, then, probably you are thinking in the wrong direction. More than 50 million Americans are struggling with acne troubles (not just teenagers), Eczema cases among …

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Causes And Treatment For Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Experiencing breast pain during pregnancy can be due to many reasons. Right from hormones, medications, trauma, omega 3 fatty acid deficiency, soft tissue injury to breast engorgement, infection, and cysts, there are many causes. Treatment for Mastalgia involves addressing the root of the problem, while taking into consideration what is safe to do during pregnancy. Read more to know about …

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17 Comic Strips about the Not-So-Simple Life of a Woman

Being a woman is no easy task sometimes. All it takes to convince yourself of this is to recall how modern culture promotes an image of women as utterly perfect, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the need many feel to live up to this. Cassandra Calin draws cartoons and comic strips that often perfectly illustrate these situations. Preview photo credit C.Cassandra

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Decoding Autism

Autism is largely genetic, but evidence also points to “triggers” in the prenatal environment. Worry has always been a side effect of pregnancy. But one anxiety–will my baby be normal?–has recently come to include a new concern: autism. First identified in 1943, the disorder is commanding unprecedented interest, mostly because of the reported rise in its incidence, but also because …

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New Study Identifies Car Seat Dangers for Infants

If you have an infant, you want to read this: A new study has found some dangers associated with leaving your baby in a car seat for too long. Are you planning a long car ride when you travel this holiday season? If so, you might want to read this: A recent study finds dangers associated with keeping an infant …

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How to Effectively Kill Cockroachs in Your House Without Chemicals

(Even if this only applies to my peeps in Florida, I’ve done my job!) Cockroaches are disgusting, and if you see even just one or two of them in your home, you need to do something immediately. Not only does thinking about them crawling nearby make a person cringe, but they also bring in disease elements and cause allergies. They …

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How Plumbing (Not Vaccines) Eradicated Disease

Government health organizations and big pharmaceuticals are quick to tell the world it is due to vaccinations that the numbers of disease in the population have fallen, when in fact you are better off thanking a plumber. Before plumbing was commonplace, the average ‘sanitation’ station in a house consisted of a basin and a jug to fill with water, human …

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Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order To Advance Global Vaccinations

For those who don’t know, on November 4th, President Obama quietly signed an Executive Order entitled: Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats: “It is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries’ measurable …

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