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The Shocking Danger of Constipation in Kids

Last week brought news that British authorities have been investigating the death of a teenage girl from constipation. That’s right: death. The girl’s colon became so engorged with stool that it compressed her chest cavity and triggered a heart attack. This story sounds unbelievable—shocking, at the very least. But you know what? I’m not shocked. Though I have not, thank …

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Military Mom Finds Awesome Way to Include Deployed Hubby in Holiday Photo

Here’s how one family created the perfect holiday photo, from across the world. Mom-of-four Ashley Sistrunk is facing celebrating Christmas without her husband, who is deployed in Iraq. Understandably, she thought about skipping the holiday card, until she had a great idea. “At first it bummed me out. I was so sorry for myself, thinking, ‘I just want a picture …

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Baby Weighing 14 Ounces Is So Tiny His Ankle Fits Through DAD’S Wedding Ring

Rayden Isavic Mondragen decided to enter the world unusually early – at 25 weeks to be exact. Weighing in at just 14 ounces and measuring only 10.5 inches long, little Rayden’s parents, Marissa and Robert Mondragon, knew their son was in for the fight of his life. When it was discovered Rayden wasn’t receiving enough oxygen or nutrients, Marissa was rushed …

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Meghli, Lebanon’s Own Rice Pudding, Welcomes Babies — Including Jesus

Located at a crossroads between East and West, Lebanon’s culinary traditions have been influenced by Syria, Turkey and even France. The country’s international character helps explain why bûche de Noël (yule log cake) is a Christmas staple — a sweet legacy of the French occupation in the first half of the 20th century. But in traditional Christian homes, Christmas Eve …

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How Young Is Too Young for Pierced Ears?

Most women can easily recall the first time they got their ears pierced. Usually, each experience is some version of the same story: There’s a minimum age requirement set by the mother, typically around 12 to 14 years old. When the time comes, there’s a trip to the nearby Claire’s or Piercing Pagoda, which is filled with a mixture of …

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Mother Of Triplets Reveals Why She’s Still Breastfeeding Them At FIVE

Australian mother Davina Writght believes that her kids should decide when to stop breastfeeding #1 Davina Wright 47 Year old Davina Wright is the mother of 5 children, of which includes triplets.   #2 Breastfeeding  Davina is breastfeeding her triplets, which is usually commended, but not when they are 5 years old like the Wright triplets. #3 Tired Living in …

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Smallest Mother Ever Shocks The World With Her Third Pregnancy

How far would you go to have a baby? It’s an intriguing question, one that brings up all kinds of “What Ifs?” What if the life of the child was in danger? What is the child would be born severely deformed, or suffering from some debilitating genetic disease? What if you couldn’t conceive? Would you spend all the money in …

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If You Think This Is a Photo of a Grandmother and Her Grandson, Look Twice

No, it’s not what it seems. Grandma is not breathing, and the child in her arms is not a being of flesh and blood. These are hyper-realistic sculptures, recreated with meticulous detail to the point where you don’t know if what you see is alive or not. No, it’s not a trap. This is not a man hidden in boxes. It’s a self-portrait of the author.   Pay attention to the details of her feet, nails, and wrinkles. …

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