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My Biggest Mothering Mistake (so far)

I used to believe being a good mom meant you never ran out of those little dishwasher pod things. Or laundry soap. Or toilet paper. Or diapers. Your house was always company ready and homemade snacks were a daily occurrence. Keeping track of the things and then using the things to clean and organize the house was the job of …

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France just made spanking illegal

Parents throughout France now need to think twice before spanking children who misbehave, as it could land them in hot water with the law. According to a new law that was recently passed, parents will be required to spare the rod and turn to other measures of discipline — like positive reinforcement — instead. On December 22, the French parliament …

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This 41-Day-Old Organ Donor’s Story is Both Heartbreaking and Beautiful

An infant became the U.K.’s youngest known organ donor. From this tragic loss, his parents managed to do something amazing. Theo Omandi’s story is nothing short of tragic: The newborn was just 41 days old when he died. After doctors told Omandi’s parents there was nothing they could do to save him, the parents made an undoubtedly heartbreaking—yet incredibly brave—request: They asked …

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