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To the Other Mothers on My Facebook Feed

To the Other Mothers on My Facebook Feed: What you’re seeing is just a slice of my life as a mother. A minute. Scratch that — a second. The seconds I want you to see. Here is a picture I snapped of my kids sitting on the windowsill looking at some birds (really wholesome, right?). About five minutes before this, …

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There’s Finally an Emoji For Moms Who Breastfeed

After much anticipation and an official request made to Unicode by Rachel Lee, a badass nurse, back in 2016, iOS’s newest lineup of emoji features one new character for moms who breastfeed. That’s right: a breastfeeding emoji is officially coming to your Apple devices on June 30! While the discussion over whether or not breastfeeding in public is appropriate continues …

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Why Amanda Peet Is Using Cabbage While Breastfeeding

Amanda Peet went on Ellen today and shared a photo of herself brushing her teeth while wearing a black bra stuffed with cabbage leaves. The actress, who gave birth to her third child, Henry, in December said that she had put cabbage in her bra to help with the pain of breast engorgement from breastfeeding. The photo was taken by …

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£3.5bn ‘UK Disneyland’ theme park due to open in 5 years

A theme park dubbed ‘the UK Disneyland’ is set to open in five years according to those behind the plans. It’s due to be the first of its kind in the UK and is set to feature more than 50 rides and attractions, as well as 2,000-seat theatre. The Paramount theme park, due to be based in Dartford, Kent, will feature …

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Dad shares candid nap snap to encourage men to be a ‘dream husband’

We admire the sentiment – but isn’t this something dads do all the time?   There’s not a mum on the team here at MFM HQ that doesn’t totally get the utter exhaustion on the face of the woman in this pic. The culmination of interrupted nights, early starts and running around your baby like a headless chicken will do that …

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Romeo And Juliet Born In Same Hospital Just Hours Apart

Here’s another coincidence: Both have “angelic” middle names. It’s the sort of star-crossed coincidence worthy of William Shakespeare: two babies born in the same hospital 18 hours apart, one named Romeo and one named Juliet. Romeo Archangel Hernandez was born at 2:06 p.m. Sunday at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Juliet Evangeline Shifflett joined the world 18 hours …

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