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The 1930s trend that saw babies in outdoor cages

Parents back in the 1930s were much more relaxed and laid-back about parenting – so relaxed, it seems, that they used to hang their children out of the window in cages! Parenting techniques have seen a huge change in the last century, and looking back at old photos from our own childhood often leave us thinking … why did our …

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Is it ever OK to leave your baby crying?

When my daughter was a baby, I’d leap to attention at the first sign of a whimper – let alone full on crying. If I was driving and she cried, I’d pull over to feed her, change her nappy (often on a street pavement or in the boot), or simply comfort her. I fed her to sleep. I cuddled (and …

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My Transgender Daughter Is A Beloved Child Of God

God doesn’t make mistakes.   I am a lifelong Lutheran, a pastor’s wife, and a mom to three amazing kids. My firstborn child is named Rebekah. She is an excellent student with a deep love of learning. She is adored by classmates and teachers. She’s just as happy mountain biking and swimming in waterfalls and as she is twirling in …

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The 3 Little Girls Who Beat Cancer Recreated Their Viral Photo

Back in 2014, this image of these three angels fighting cancer made headlines everywhere.   In March 2014, photographers Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger took a very special photo of three little girls from Oklahoma. Rheann Franklin, now 9, Ainsley Peters, now 7, and Rylie Hughey, now 6, were all hugging one another tightly with their eyes closed, showing support …

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This Malted Coconut Cake Is the Most Delicious Way to Celebrate Easter

There’s no better way to welcome spring.   With the start of spring comes a slew of gatherings: Mother’s Day luncheons, Easter brunches, bridal and baby showers … you get it. And while we have no lack of faith in our readers’ abilities to craft quite the dessert spread, we wanted to humbly suggest a cake so beautiful, it just …

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Why 2017 Could Be a Very Bad Year For Lyme Disease

Be extra vigilant this summer.   For most, last summer’s mouse plague in New York’s Hudson River Valley was merely a nuisance. But for ecologists who study Lyme disease, it was a major cause for worry. “An individual mouse might have 50, 60, even 100 ticks covering its ears and face,” Rick Ostfeld, an ecologist at the Cary Institute of …

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