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Teen mother ‘who killed her two toddler daughters by INTENTIONALLY leaving them in a hot car overnight’ had set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to buy a house after having the children by different fathers

A mother who allegedly killed her two toddlers by intentionally leaving them in a hot car for more than 15 hours on Tuesday set up a GoFundMe  page in December to raise money to buy a house. Amanda Hawkins, 19, from Kerr County, Texas, allegedly left her children Brynn Hawkins, one, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, two, in the car overnight and …

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13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

Women have strived for beauty since ancient times.  Below you have some of the best beauty secrets which have proved to work wonders over the ages. 1. Olive Oil Olive oil has been used as beauty products ever since ancient Egyptian times. These days olive oil is the base for most shampoos, balms, and hair care products.  Here are the …

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How To Eliminate Bloated Belly Naturally And Fast

The bloat is a combination of water retention and platter of gas which is not just a lady thing or seasonal. It is shown that 70% of men suffer from some belly issue with excessive flatulence, irritable syndrome and constipation which extend the stomach to uncomfortable and un-slightly proportions. Eliminating the bloating is not an easy as farting or sweating …

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Mark Zuckerberg gets his baby vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers go nuts.

Oculus Rift promotions aside, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page mostly reads as a collection of feel-good family moments: a baby shower, his wife, Priscilla Chan, upon completing her medical residency, their shaggy Hungarian sheepdog in a Darth Vader costume. Since the Facebook chief executive‘s daughter, Max, was born in December, his profile page also has been a record of baby milestones, diaper changes and …

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Mom Shares the Sheer Heartbreak of Having Stillborn Identical Twins at 37 Weeks

When Jacqueline Hoy and her husband found out that they were expecting third and fourth children, these Australian parents were shocked. Neither had twins in the family, and after the initial surprise wore off, they began happily making plans for their expanding family. According to Jacqi, who is also mom to 8-year-old Lachlan and 2-year-old Edward, her third pregnancy was …

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Do You Know Why Aloe Vera Should Be Frozen?

The properties of aloe vera, also called aloe, are well known around the world. Many people have an aloe vera plant in their home. However, others buy the plant leaf in order to take advantage of its properties. Today we will learn how we can take better advantage of the benefits of this plant when freezing aloe. Surely you have …

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New Filter Alert! Flaunt Your Baby Bump With #BabyinBelly

Up your baby bump selfies with this surreal photo filter! Thanks to smartphones with cameras that can take high-resolution digital photos, documenting your pregnancy has never been easy and super fun, too. Take for example this awesome and surreal photo filter called #BabyinBelly. How does it work: 1. Download the PicsArt app (for iOS of Android) and upload your favorite pregnancy photo. 2. …

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12 Important Signs That We Don’t Drink Enough Water

There’s not much in this world more refreshing than a tall, ice-cold glass of water. I don’t think there’s anyone alive that can deny that sometimes, a simple glass of water can be more satisfying than a cup of coffee or a can of soda. Despite this, too many of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. By depriving ourselves of the world’s most natural resource, we are continuously damaging our bodies. If you recognise any of the …

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How to Detox Every Organ in Your Body and Never Be Sick or Tired

Nowadays, a lot of people, even younger individuals, suffer from serious health problems like autoimmune conditions and cancer. The reasons for these diseases and conditions can be numerous. Some of the most common ones are excessive stress, hormone disrupters, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, excessive consumption of processed foods, etc. How Does the Immunity Weaken? The immune system is capable of …

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