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Here Are The Easiest Ways To Donate Diapers To Harvey Victims

The Texas Diaper Bank is accepting donations Texas parents who are trying to shepherd their children through the disaster of Hurricane Harvey are going through unimaginable pain and difficulties right now. They have some enormous issues that they have to handle, so maybe we can help them with some of the smaller ones, like having diapers for their children. The …

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Our Dogs Can Get Lyme Vaccines And We (Still) Can’t. When Might We?

Part of our Losing to Lyme series For Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a prominent vaccine scientist, Lyme disease is personal. His son, Alec, collapsed from a slow heart rate when he was 39, brought down by a rare heart complication from Lyme. His son survived, but the incident helped cement Plotkin’s resolve to pursue a human vaccine against Lyme disease. Using his bully pulpit as …

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AIDS vaccine ‘cures’ 5 patients – who have now been ‘virus-free’ 7 months WITHOUT the help of daily drugs

Five HIV patients are virus-free seven months after taking a new vaccine, a staggering report claims. The treatment, developed by researchers in Spain, allowed the patients to stop taking regular antiretroviral (ARV) drugs – the current method of suppressing HIV. Scientists have yet to test the results in a large-scale clinical trial, but they say the vaccine may be a …

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A New Vaccine Could Make The Brain Immune to Heroin And Opioids, Scientists Say

Drug overdoses in the US are feared to have caused more than 60,000 deaths in 2016, but new vaccines that make the brain immune to mind-altering chemicals could be the key to ending the opioid crisis. A combination vaccine that offers protection from the effects of both heroin and the synthetic opioid fentanyl is under development by researchers in the US, which could one day …

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STUDY: Serious Vaccine Reactions Rarely Recur

According to some mantra, vaccine side effects never happen. But somehow, a new study is showing that they do happen, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that they won’t happen again. In other words, if your child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, you can give the same vaccine to the kid again and not …

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Young carer, 22, who thought she was eight months pregnant was actually only six weeks gone as her giant ‘bump’ was a CYST that killed her baby

A young carer was told she was eight months pregnant but was in fact just six weeks gone – because her ‘baby bump’ was a 30cm cyst that eventually caused her to miscarry. Kirsty Butler, 22, and her boyfriend Celern, 21, were over the moon to discover she was expecting after taking a home test when people began commenting on her …

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21 Million People Have Watched This Dad Brilliantly End A Public Tantrum

Viral Facebook video has parents in awe of dad’s skills Tantrums are a part of every parent’s life. It’s not always easy to keep your cool while you’re trying to control you kid. One dad has it mastered. In a Facebook video that has been viewed more than 20 million times, every parent’s new role model shows superhuman patience while …

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Breastfeeding Is Wonderful, But Moms’ Health And Happiness Matter Too

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is all kinds of awesome. It’s associated with a lower risk of certain cancers for moms and decreased rates of infection and diseases like diabetes and leukemia for babies. Nursing burns a ton of calories, making it easier to shed postpartum pounds for some women, and it might even result in increased IQ scores. But… These statistics are just that – …

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To The Mother Of The High Need Baby: You Are Not Alone

She is able to put her baby down in the crib at 1 p.m. every day, say, “Have a good nap, baby,” and walk out to enjoy two hours of well-deserved me time. You are sitting in the chair in the corner of his room, scared to breathe let alone step on a creaky floorboard, because regardless of how deeply …

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