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The most beautiful photo of skin-to-skin contact

  This gorgeous photo capturing the beauty and benefits of skin-to-skin contact with newborn babies has melted our hearts. The photo shows a tender moment as the babies’ big brother and dad both snuggle in a hospital bed, to give skin-to-skin contact to the latest additions to their family, newborn twin babies. It’s a real celebration of family and the …

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Mom witnesses her worst nightmare when she tries to wake up her daughter from a nap; she never imagined finding her like this in her own home

After a terrible experience with her own daughter, Jennifer Abma warns parents to take the necessary precautions to avoid what she calls a “silent death.” The mother shared on Facebook what happened to her daughter while napping in her room in mid-July. According to her story, it all started when she came to wake up her daughter, who did not respond. When …

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A Mom Is Accidentally Suspended By Facebook After Posting A Breastfeeding Photo

A mother’s breastfeeding photo uploads gets nasty comments and her account was then temporarily barred by Facebook, calling for a larger idea on why breast-feeding is so stigmatized? Breastfeeding just like other physiological and natural processes of a woman’s body has somehow again garnered ill-fated public reactions when posted online. This includes Facebook barring her account, which they later amended …

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Mid-Michigan pregnant woman refusing to get flu shot

Owosso (WJRT) Does a hospital worker have a right to refuse a flu shot? That’s the question a mid-Michigan woman is raising. We’ve seen mothers go to court over not vaccinating their children. Now, a mother says she may lose her job at a local hospital, all because she’s refusing to get vaccinated. Christina Arnold of Genesee County has been working …

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This Mom’s Nude Post Will Put the Kibosh on Anyone Who Calls Breastfeeding Sexual

Chantel Quick has a serious PSA for anyone who feels that women should be forced to cover up or feel embarrassed for doing what the female body was made to do: breastfeed. Chantel, who’s a doula, gynecological teaching associate, and blogger at Earth Based Mom, explained in an Instagram post how breastfeeding her little one has truly been a liberating experience. “This feels …

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