Friday , 19 January 2018

70-year-old woman gave birth to twins

There is nothing more wonderful than the child’s birth. Unfortunately, for many couples, it remains just a dream. With the advancement of technology this number is constantly decreasing.
But technology is enabled women who have passed their year for birth can give birth again. Such is the case with 76-year-old Omkar Singh and her 86-year-old husband Charan.

She gave birth to twins with a 70 years. Unfortunately, while a male child, Akashvani, now has 7 years old, his sister twins died with four years.
Parents are now struggling with time, to make as many moments to spend with their son. Fortunately, if something happens to them, they have 50-year-old daughter who will take care of the child …|

Tell us your opinion on this couple. Did they make the right decision or not?

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