Friday , 19 January 2018

70-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After 50 yrs of barrenness


Rajo Devi-70 years old woman became the oldest  in recorded history to ever give birth.

Married for 50 years, she had been trying, without success, to have a child for much of that time, until she entered menopause (which was 20 years ago).

“We longed for a child all these years and now we are very happy to have one.”

The baby was conceived through the use of a donor egg that was injected with Ms. Devi’s 72-year-old husband’s sperm. And she seems to be a preemie, since the embryo transfer took place and she was born seven months later.

The record age for giving birth has inched up over the years (well, it’s the record if you don’t count Sarah and Abraham in the Bible) passing through the sixth decade — from 62 to 66 to 67 — an occasional woman at a time. Ms. Devi’s newborn can be called a triumph of science over infertility, but is this really a triumph? Where does the yearning to be a parent become selfish disregard for the life of the child being created? A child whose parents will almost definitely not see her into adulthood?

How old is too old to have a baby?


  1. This is Revelation of extending life expectancy through prayer and obedience with forgiveness! Bless you and your family forever.

  2. The baby has a life to enjoy even if it’s time with parents will be shorter than usual!

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