Thursday , 18 January 2018

A Boy Died Of Meningitis Because His Parents Cured Him With “Natural Resources”

Married couple from Canada was accused of being responsible for the death of their baby, who has not being treated adequately.


Parents from Canada could end up in jail because their son, who was 19 months died of meningitis, did not provide appropriate care.

Specifically, David and Colette, who are the owners of a company which is engaged in manufacturing of natural supplements, his son Ezekiel was not taken to a doctor when they notice the first symptoms, but they decided to treat themselves at home.

The prosecutor in Alberta, said that the family called an ambulance only when the baby stopped breathing, and that since then they gave to the “natural supplements”, lying next to him and hugged him.
Colette Stefan (35) at the hearing said that their friend told them that a boy has meningitis (inflammation of the meninges), but that they tried to raise his immunity by feeding him with olive extract, whey, maple syrup and the juice from the berries.

Boy who after two weekly illness almost froze, they fed a mixture of apple cider vinegar, hot peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and horseradish root.
“They brought the child to the hospital when he had stopped breathing. However, although the doctors five days trying to recover the boy, finally decided to exclude it from the device, because it could not be helped, “the indictment alleges.

David Stefan claims that the government is trying to use the case of the death of his son in order to compel all parents to vaccinate their children.

“My son was vaccinated, but there is no evidence to survive that got Hib vaccine,” says David.

If convicted, David and Colette, could receive a prison sentence of five years, and also of losing custody of their two children.

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