Friday , 19 January 2018

A farewell to your grey hairs – a cure that brings back the natural color of your hair

As we know, coconut oil is very healthy and it’s constant use can help you get rid of the grey hairs and your hair will be healthy, beautiful and shiny.

Grey hair is a sign you are getting old. But, many young people suffer from early aging and it can be a problem for them.

But, there is a fast and simple way to solve this problem. It’s completely natural and it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals. The more natural, the better.

We’ll explain to you further in this text how can this oil make your hair beautiful and natural again. Coconut oil is the secret for a long, beautiful and strong hair. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy fats that give your hair the essential care.


Heat up 2-3 tbsp. of coconut oil for around 20 sec. Apply it on the root of your hair and softly massage the scalp. Leave it like that for 10 min. Then wash your hair. Use some baby shampoo, or others that are not too strong, because you will have to do this procedure every day, until you get the wanted results.

These are some of the reasons why your hair is going grey:


If an early greying hair was common in your family for generations, then that means you will have this problem too.


Today we face with stress everywhere, at work, home, while travelling. Stress and lack of sleep can make your body age too early.


Bad food and not having a regular sleep can lead to early aging, because the body doesn’t get the needed minerals.


As you age, your hair is getting more and more grey, because with time the body lowers the production of melanin..хгмкл.нм/

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