Thursday , 14 December 2017

A mother shows through a photograph that C-section in not the easier way to give birth

A mother shared a wonderful photograph of her C-section scar alongside with her baby, crawled in the same position in which it was inside her stomach, to hit back at those who suggested that a C-section was “the easy way out”.

Кири Васалес

Blogger Kiri Vasales,  who had given a natural birth to her first child, shared this photograph, because it depicts perfectly her journey through her second pregnancy.

‘Nine days after Luna’s birth, my mother and I decided to depict Luna’s position in my stomach through a photograph. That is not a natural position and it shows my journey. The photograph was so beautiful, so I decided to share it with my followers to cherish our children, irrespective of the way they were born’ – said Kiri.

But, when she revealed to her fans that she gave birth by a C-section, the 30 year old mother from Sydney, began to receive comments saying that she had chosen the easier way to give birth and that she was lucky.

‘I gave a natural birth to my first child, but this time I didn’t had any choice. She was breech… yet people who didn’t even know my situation were saying that I should have tried to “turn the baby”. For people to judge the way you gave birth is so wrong, everybody is different and every mother just wants to ensure that they give birth to a healthy baby’,  she explained.

Кири Васалес

Кири Васалес

Кири Васалес

On her photo, which has since been removed by Instagram for “breaching community standards”. Ms. Vasales said she posted it to “symbolize the effort we go to as mothers to bring our babies into the world”.’

‘It’s not important if you gave birth by a C-section, vaginally, with or without any pain relief medications, under water or at home. For those who didn’t had any choice, myself included, C-section is the hardest way. Yes, many women believe we’ve taken the “easy way out” but I can assure you no way is easy.’

Ms. Vasales encourages women to do what feels right for them.

‘Don’t worry about what anyone else says,’ she said.

‘Listen to your instincts and do what you feel is right.’

Кири Васалес

Кири Васалес

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