Thursday , 18 January 2018

After Her Child Was Bullied And Called ‘Werewolf Baby,’ This Mom Took A Stand To Protect Her Son

What do you say to a mother who has a child born with an unusual medical condition? Do you simply tell them to “buck up” and go about their business as though nothing is wrong with their baby, or do you take the opposite approach and use your powers of scientific persuasion to have the parent give up on the infant?

This Little Boy Is Beautiful, But He Was Born Different


In her case, Manisha Sambhaji Raut knew this could happen. The genetic disorder runs in her family. It is known to some as hypertrichosis universalis and manifests itself with hair all over the body. Others call it by a far less authoritative name -werewolf syndrome. She and her sisters suffer from it – and now, her five month old son has it too.

It’s Something His Mother Has As Well


For the adult women, life has become a daily (and nightly) hair removal creams and treatments to remove the fur like growth from their arms, legs, back, and face. It’s also meant an existence that can best be described as difficult. When asked about her baby by reporters, the distraught mother had this to say:


“My sisters and I were always teased and often nicknamed ghost, bear and monkey. To know my son will also go through the pain and suffering I went through breaks my heart. But he is my baby and I will love him unconditionally the way my mother took care of me, no matter how he looks. My only wish is that my child will grow up like a normal child.”

They Support Manisha With Caring For The Child


But There Is Someone Who Is Against The Baby’s Existence


One Member Of The Family Is Not Happy About How Things Turned Out

Naturally, Manisha’s husband (via an arranged marriage) is also very supportive. But not his mother. Indeed, the In-Law has been a pain in their side since the baby was born. She’s simply unhappy with the lot in life her grandson has earned, thanks in no small part to the DNA her daughter -in-law carries around. Still, Manisha is staying strong. She has to for herself, her spouse, her sisters, and now the newest member to the “werewolf” club.

Here’s A Bit More Information  On Werewolf Syndrome

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