Thursday , 18 January 2018

After losing his parents – Jaden (6) is on a mission to make the world smile (video)

This young boy is a true motivation for everyone. He shows us how to move on after losing a loved one – A must read inspiring story.

Savannah (Georgia) – It’s every child’s nightmare to lose a parent and Jaden Hayes (6), within 2 years, has lost both of his. He was only four years old when his father died and a few months ago, his mother died unexpectedly in sleep, Jaden found her.

“I tried and I tried and I tried to get her awake — I couldn’t,” said Jaden for CBS news. “Anybody can die, just anybody”, he is heartbroken but also sick and tired of seeing everyone around him sad, so he came up with great plan to fix it. One night, before going to bed, he told his aunt Barbara, who takes care of him, that he didn’t want to be surrounded by sad faces anymore and he wanted to change that immediately.

“And that was the beginning of it,” his aunt said proudly, with tears in her eyes. “That’s where the adventure began.”

They bought a bunch of little toys and together launched the “Smile Experiment”. Jaden found a place near his house – downtown Savannah, so he could give rubber ducks and dinosaurs to his target group ( people without a smile on their face ). The strangers are surprised that he expects only a smile in return and Jaden is happy to give them a positive turn in their day.

This CBS news interview shows how strong this cute young boy really is:


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  1. Excellent! Us Brits have to take our fun when we can rain or no rain!! Wassamarra with The Beat? Fancy pulling out.My friends on the VW scene love it to bi.v.t.eseryone is so friendly they say unlike some other motor vehicle based scenes I can think of.Have a great week.xxxx

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