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Alternative Cancer Treatment: From The Raw Food To Healing Frequencies

Raw diet, elimination diet, treatment frequency, or some other time?
Some of the methods of natural healing many have already used not necessarily to combat the disease, but as a part of healthy living and eating habits.

1. Bioresonance Medicine
Dr. Raymond Rife, a scientist who made his mark in optics, electronics, biochemistry, ballistics and radiation, yet in 1934 cured 16 patients in the terminal stages of cancer using – frequency.
He created a microscope by which he could watch live viruses and so to follow the transformation of healthy cells to the tumor and the disease course.
He discovered a method of treatment frequencies and founded a branch of science known as bioelectric medicine.

Before doctors of his time, proved that this system of treatment – working.

Although he discovered the frequencies that destroyed herpes, cancer, infantile paralysis, tetanus, and a huge number of dangerous microorganisms, shortly after the official recognition of the medical profession, his discovery that contemporaries called “the end of all diseases” – disappeared.

Dr. Riffe declined the offer of the then lobbies who wanted to commercialize his discovery, because it was not interested in money and fame than the welfare of the people.

Lobbies replied – laboratory had been robbed, a unique microscope vandals destroyed, and colleagues and co-workers received a bribe for silence about his work.

2. Antiparasitic program
If dr. Hulda Clark in alternative community recognized as a successful doctor of many modern diseases and ailments, their findings and advice remain the subject of much controversy.
However, the theory that all diseases in the body caused by micro-organisms – parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, and toxins, accepted thousands of people who are convinced of the effectiveness of anti parasite program that eliminates them.
In addition to natural remedies against disease, dr. Hulda Clark advocates and complete change in lifestyle and eating habits, as the foundation of health and longevity.

3. Treatment of starvation

Rudolf Breuss is a naturopath who developed a method of therapeutic fasting known as the ‘”Total therapy”.

After Breuss cancer is an independent creation within the organism, which for the growth and the progress are necessary proteins that are found in solid foods, and, accordingly, can destroy starvation and entering juices from organically grown vegetables.

Because they do not contain protein, the body will begin to draw them from the tumor, which will ultimately lead to its degradation.

From the therapy of feed restriction, the tumor cells sholuld to be carried out 42 days or 6 weeks.

4. A diet based on the protein and oil

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German known biochemist, in the fifties of the 20th century created the oil-protein diet that can help in the healing of many serious diseases.

The author of a dozen books, and because of his research, was nominated for the six Nobel prizes.

She believed that cancer, like most other diseases, mainly caused by improper diet, irregular accurate processing of food and oil, especially oil overheating.

She found that in the blood of cancer patients lack important ingredients for the human body, such as lipoproteins and phospholipids.

She realized that these ingredients must be replaced in order to the disease receded.

Lack of phosphatides and lipoproteins caused a lack of oxygen in the cells, and dr. Budwig started a search for a method that will give them oxygen.

She realized that this can be achieved by combining certain foods and worked out a special diet, called the Budwig diet or Budwigov protocol.

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