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At age 16 he get cancer, but he healed himself: A young man about who heard the whole world! (Video, Recipe)

In October 1994, a teenager Billy Best became diseased with a cancer. This news filled the front pages of American newspapers for his escape from home to avoid chemotherapy.
Then he was only 16 years and a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He went through several cycles of chemotherapy, but aggressive treatment made him very weak and sick, so he decided to stop chemotherapy, despite the fact that it is envisaged that he will live up to 2 years. He decided that he would rather live his life as much as it was brief – under their own rules.
He packed his backpack and ran away from home, not knowing that exactly that act will take him on the way to the discovery of alternative treatments.

That fateful day, without a word and greeting Billy packed, picked up his skateboard, a few hundred dollars and traveled by bus to Texas. In the state of Texas has stayed with a friend in Houston who received and gave him lodging. At the same time, in Norvel, from where he escaped, Best’s family raised the alarm about its security and poor health. After several days in despair, they contacted the media in the last attempt to locate their son.

The story of a teenager spread through media to  such disarray, appearing on the front pages of all newspapers and television news. Police in most countries alerted the public to seek a bald teenager. Journalists camped outside the house Best’s parents who despaired over the phone and prayed to God for his son.

What returned Billy to family was the promise of the parents that he can be treated with alternative medicine and seek treatment that suits him.

Way of healing
After returning home, Billy examined all received letters, and took all the information that is considered useful. Deeply analyzed and finally opted for treatment that he thought was right.

3 main steps that he decided to take were:

– Hospital treatment of injections

– Dietary modification

– Esijak tea

Daily he drank 3 deciliter Esijak tea, the native drink with anti-cancer plants originating in Canada, which is celebrated by nurse Rene Case and which is still very popular as a  natural way of treating cancer.

Also, Billy throw out milk, meat, flour and sugar form the diet, and ate as many locally grown organic food, which is prepared in Gusen dishes, mainly consumed whole grains and vegetables.
He also decided for the therapy with injections in the hospital instead of standard chemotherapy, that he injected directly into the lymph nodes. Therapy was discovered by Canadian biologist Gaston Naesens, and it is a combination of camphor, oxygen and mineral salts. These substances do not directly attack the tumor, but strongly raise immunity.

Hearing for treatment, his doctor reported the Billy’s parents to social services, which was fortunately rejected his application because they are considered to be close to adulthood and it was proven that he can take care of himself.
Billy Best was cured for 2.5 months, and in the decade that followed, his recovery exceeded all expectations!

He has performed in numerous shows on conferences regarding natural cancer treatment across the US, and today continues to spread his message.
The last 15 years Billy tries to emphasize the importance of nutrition in the fight against the disease. His message is that what we introduce into our body greatly affects on our health, and that advantage should have foods from the local environment.

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