Saturday , 25 November 2017

Aunt- Important Person In The Life Of Every Child

Aunts have a particular impact on children, in fact, those with children of their sisters or brothers can develop a special and intimate relationship.

Memories of Aunt mainly relate to the fun, jokes and games. Aunt may be a real entertainer, because she does not have parental responsibility.

She is a reliable advisor
Aunt gives great advice, keep secret and would be happy to share her experiences with you. With aunt you can talk about all the things about which you’re uncomfortable with your parents.

She is here when the others are not
Aunt is always here when is needed. She can be a significant part of the life experience of the child. Children feel especially in the presence of her aunt. She is present in all the important moments in life: starting school, birthdays, sporting events, graduations, weddings.

Aunt is a role model
Aunt may be an alternative example of family, career, relationships, hobbies or values and can be a positive role model in life.

She is the family
In conflict with parents aunt can be of great benefit. In fact, children are more likely to confide their problems to their aunt, instead of parents and she can help you in all the disagreements that you have with your parents.

Aunt could replace parents
When parents are busy, or are on the road, aunt can help with giving attention and love. In addition, there is also a practical help. If mother is absent, aunt can prepare a meal or to help with homework. After parents, aunt may become the closest person to the child.

She is here to encourage
Aunt will always support child, whatever is about, as sport, hobby, school or any other interest of the child. If the child is confronted with disapproval, aunt can always find a way to provide encouragement.

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