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Breastfeeding, Expressing, Storage And Use Of Breast Milk

The World Health Organization recommends that for babies breast-feeding is best, and to start immediately an hour after birth. To feed babies exclusively breast milk up to 6 months, and then after that, when is introduced other food, to continue with breast milk best for another 24 months.

The milk is stored in the breast in the tiny alveoli and travels to the nipple over the canal. To maximize the amount of milk that will go from the breast to the nipple and is necessary to be soft and relaxed. During the suckling babies will stimulate the nerve endings on the nipples, which will boost the amount of milk that will go out.

Three ways to take your own milk from the breast are:
-by hand, hand pump or electric pump.

Stimulating the nipples for relaxation:
-drink hot drinks
-take a shower with hot water
-put a heated cloth over your breasts a few minutes before the start of breastfeeding
-gently massage the breast
-massage the nipples
-relax and think about your baby

Preparing for expressing breastmlk:
-Wash your hands with soap and water
-use a sterilized container in which you keep milk

The process of expressing breastmlk:
Put your finger and thumb on breast- thumb up, finger down and press inwards towards the chest wall
Electric and hand pump may be better than doing it yourself with your hand because thus can be a little painful, while pumping sessions will not.

Using the electric pump:
First, place the armor of the pump over the nipples and turn on the pump.
And with the hand pump will also put the armor through the pump nipples. Then you squeeze the  mechanism and milk will come out.

It takes 10-15 minutes to extract the milk using electric pump or hand over 45 minutes. It is important to wash thoroughly after using the pump.

Store milk in a well-sterilized containers with appropriate lid. And never completely fill the courts with milk. It is important to know when you left the milk, it is best to stick a label and write the date and can be stored at room temperature of 19-26 degrees for 3 hours in the fridge if the temperature is less than 4 degrees, you can save up to 8 days in the freezer if the temperature of minus 18-20 degrees, you can keep up to a year……

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