Monday , 21 August 2017

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‘Fed is Best’: Photo series highlights the beautiful ways moms feed their babies

Photographer Mikaela Bodkin believes that when it comes to baby feeding, what’s important is that moms and babies are happy and healthy — not whether they choose to breast or bottle feed their infants. In her photo series, “Fed is Best,” Bodkin shows images of women feeding their babies in a variety of ways, from breastfeeding to exclusively pumping breastmilk. “There’s a …

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Would You Breastfeed a Stranger’s Baby?

The Internet is up in arms over a photo of a woman breastfeeding a stranger’s baby—how do you feel about this? Rebecca Wanosik was enjoying a normal night at home when a friend sent a request her way: Would she be willing to breastfeed a stranger’s child? The baby’s mother was going into surgery and wouldn’t be able to nurse, …

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‘I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed’: Five-year-old boy’s hilarious hand-drawn picture of his mother leaves her in hysterics – so can YOU spot what’s unusual about it?

An Australian mother has shared the hilarious picture her five-year-old son drew of her – declaring she doesn’t know whether ‘to be proud or embarrassed’ at the depiction. Sharing the coloured pencil drawing to mummy blogger Constance Hall’s Facebook page last week, Penny Rohleder, from NSW, said her son, Julian, had produced a family portrait. The picture showed his mother – mostly …

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5-Year-Old Is Battling the Same E. Coli Strain That Killed His Sister

Their parents believe the siblings contracted the infection at a petting zoo.   After a strain of E.coli proved fatal for a three-year-old in Wright County, Minnesota earlier this week, her five-year-old brother remains in critical condition as he battles the same bacteria strain. According to the Star Tribune, five year-old Kade Maresh and his younger sister Kallen both contracted a shiga toxin-producing bacteria (STEC) …

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When Babies Get Chickenpox

This is what to do if you think your little one may be infected with chickenpox. Last December, when my youngest child was just 3 months old, I got a call from my sister about her 4-year-old son. “Alex may have chickenpox,” she said. My heart sank. Since my son, Christopher, was born right near the start of cold and …

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Would You Ban an Unvaccinated Child From Your Own Kid’s Playdate or Party?

Do unvaccinated kids get invited to your family’s social events? We want to know: Would you ban an unvaccinated child from your own kid’s playdate or birthday party? Looking after a group of young children is never easy. Making sure they are happy, safe, and healthy at a birthday party or playdate can be a daunting task. With hawk-like supervision, playground …

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Mother Of Three Explains What Makes A ‘Good Mom’ In Viral Post

“Can we all climb down off judgmental mountain for a second?” A Kansas City’s mom viral Facebook post answers an important question: What does it take to be a good mother? On Wednesday, Karen Johnson, a HuffPost blogger and the mom of three behind The 21st Century SAHM (stay-at-home mom), wrote a Facebook post that’s resonating with many parents. In it, Johnson wrote about …

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