Saturday , 24 June 2017

Baby & Toddler

10 Kids’ Food Myths—Busted!

Feeding kids in our crazy media environment can be downright confounding. One week, news headlines may say that a certain food is “bad.” The next week, it’s touted as a superfood. To clear up the confusion we asked experts to give us the bottom line on what advice to take—and what to ditch, pronto. Myth #1: Kids should clean their …

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Social Experiment – UNICEF – Homeless Children – Video

There’s been made a social experiment by UNICEF in which 6-year-old girl has the role, Anna. This “homeless” child was treated very differently depending on how she was dressed. To show that “street kids” are treated worse than ordinary children, children who are well dressed. When Anna was dressed like the “street kids” the people were so cruel to her, some …

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How I’m Dealing With My Breastfeeding Baby’s Cow’s Milk Allergy

Newborn poop can appear in a rainbow of colors, but I was pretty sure it shouldn’t be red. So when I spotted a small clump of blood in my 4-week-old’s diaper, I hightailed it to the pediatrician, with the evidence sealed in a Ziploc.  “You know you’re a mom when you’ve got a poopy diaper in your purse,” I joked …

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Mum breastfeeds in the middle of her own wedding ceremony

“That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry…” When your baby’s hungry she’s hungry, right? Wherever you may happen to be. Even if that means slap bang in the middle of the biggest day of your life. That’s exactly what happened to beautiful bride (she looks stunning, doesn’t she?) Christina Torino-Benton, who took a break from getting …

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Stacey Feeley’s Daughter Standing On Toilet – The Reason is Scary

One mom from Michigan thought it was funny that her 3-year-old daughter was standing on the toilet.But when she ask her why was she there her heart melted,the explanation was scary and terrifying. The mother sad that her daughter was actually practicing a lockdown drill,hiding inside from a potential attacker. After a gunman in Orlando made the most mass deadly shooting in …

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Watch: Dad Shares His Proven Methods For Putting Baby To Sleep

As any parent can testify, putting your little ones to sleep can often be one heck of a struggle. You’re tired, they’re tired, and you want nothing more than to pop them into their cot/bed, kiss them goodnight and vacate the bedroom speedily. In this video, he’s got all the great tried and tested methods of getting your little ones to …

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Oregon babysitter accused of beating 1-year-old toddler avoids charges, ruling requires tyke to talk

A babysitter accused of bruising a battered baby won’t face any charges — because the infant can’t speak up. Even though Joshua Marbury’s 1-year-old son was covered in bruises and scars from the babysitter’s alleged beating, the accused abuser is protected by a 2012 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling that discourages prosecutors from filing charges since the tyke can’t talk. …

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Relaxed Or Obsessive Mother: Do You Recognize Yourself? (VIDEO)

For some parents raising a child really is (too) great care, and exactly that shows this nice video in which are presented in a humorous way, two types of mothers … Celebrity blogger Ester Anderson recorded interesting video that through large dose of humor is trying to show what it looks like one day of hanging out moms and babies, …

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