Monday , 21 August 2017

Baby & Toddler

Father of sick baby warns about catastrophic consequences of dirty hands

After his daughter slightly lost his life, a father decided to share his story, hoping to prevent another family to face this dangerous disease … A father from Tennessee, whose name is not known, the social network Imgur shared a photo of his daughter who struggles with the virus RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). The disease is especially dangerous for the …

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Breastfeeding, Expressing, Storage And Use Of Breast Milk

The World Health Organization recommends that for babies breast-feeding is best, and to start immediately an hour after birth. To feed babies exclusively breast milk up to 6 months, and then after that, when is introduced other food, to continue with breast milk best for another 24 months. The milk is stored in the breast in the tiny alveoli and travels to …

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Why I Breastfed a Stranger’s Baby

If you couldn’t produce breast milk and you also couldn’t afford expensive formula, would you let a trusted friend breast feed your baby? Okay, technically she pumped the breast milk and didn’t actually breastfeed but it still might make some people a little uneasy. An innocent conversation between two friends turned into a daring commitment and left her questioning if …

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How to Read the Energy of Crystals (in 6 Simple Steps)

Crystals… You probably have images of psychics with them lined up like they’re Magic: The Gathering cards. Crystals are ubiquitous in New Age circles. And you might have even heard your “conscious” friends tout the benefits of crystals like they work divine miracles. Let me clear the air first… Crystals are not a miracle healing solution (well, nothing really is). They …

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6 Amazing Yoga Poses for Your Kids to Keep Them Fit and Healthy

The ancient art of yoga is a great for the mind and body, for adults as well as kids. In fact, it is awesome for kids as it promotes neuromuscular development, improves body awareness, and offers basic stretching advantages. In addition, it helps maintain flexibility, strengthens a growing body, enhances concentration, cultivates a relaxed state of body and mind, helps with …

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Little Abandoned Boy Who Have Nearly Died, Is Now Happy And Healthy

A few weeks ago the world discovered touching photographs from starvation little boy drinking water from a humanitarian. The small child was abandoned by his family, because they believed he was a witch. Many prayed it to survive because of its appearance reminiscent of the worst. Thanks to his savior now the boy is happy and healthy. The new photo …

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