Saturday , 21 October 2017

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How Probiotics Can Change Your Child’s Life

What if your child’s temperament—aggression, shyness and moodiness—has less to do with DNA, and more to do with gut bacteria? What if chronic health conditions like ADHD, asthma and peanut allergies could be mitigated with the right blend of probiotics? What if the answers to our collective health and behavioral woes are swimming in our guts, right now? My pediatrician …

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Between The Uterus and World -Stunning Photographs Of Water Births

Look at some of the most beautiful photos of water births captured by Melissa Cate. Mom of three children from Oregon who says that photographing childbirths is her passion. “More than 105 births I have photographed, and then I had the opportunity to photograph childbirth in water in a house in August 2012. It was truly a peaceful scene. Mom …

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Oompa loompa Sleep Trick For Your Baby

Unusual, but effective! The father in the video, which has won thousands of hearts, has a special way of falling asleep his little child. The technique of “Oompa loompa” discovered quite accidently, and since then has been continuously used and recommended to everyone. Check out this adorable video and tell us whether your baby “fell” on Oompa Loompa

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When doctors saw these 5 babies, they could not believe their eyes! (photo, video)

Couple Busby, Adam and Daniel, have already had a baby daughter when they decided to expand their family. Daniel was two months later got pregnant by artificial insemination. Although the first ultrasound scan seen 4 embryos, one was divided and the second examination she stumbled upon another surprise. In fact, Daniel was carrying quintuplets. However, a miracle was followed by …

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What This Woman Is Doing With Babies Is Shocking

Anyone who has looked at this video was stunned. What this yoga instructor doing provoked fierce reactions on the Internet. She throws the baby into the air, twisting their arms and all that is called training. Many organizations for the protection of children have reacted strongly to this video. Look and write us your opinion .

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Baby Food Recipe- Tasty Sweet Potato

The difference between a Yam and a Sweet Potato! True yams are tubers. They are found in Africa and the Caribbean and sometimes in Europe. True yams can grow up to 100 pounds and have a length of seven feet. Sweet potatoes are “storage roots” and rarely grow to be larger than 2 pounds each. Sweet Potato has a lighter …

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