Monday , 21 August 2017

Baby & Toddler

Foods That Little Children Under 4 Should Not Eat

Babies and young children have difficulty chewing even when they get teeth because it’s a completely new experience for them with which they must gradually to face. Certain foods can represent choking hazards up to 4 years of age. In addition to the harmfulness of certain foods, it is necessary to keep in mind and what is their structure and …

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These Herbs Naturally Increase Breast Milk Supply

First of all that every breastfeeding women should provide herself is enough sleep and rest, intake of sufficient quantities of liquids, lack of stress, and then to try to increase the amount of milk with the help of herbs. Fenugreek Fenugreek is considered as one of the most productive plants when the increase of milk production is in question. It …

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Less Known Facts For Newborns

Portal “Random Facts” published several interesting features of newborns. In Brazil, banks for human milk are well organized, and breast milk is distributed throughout the country. So mothers who are unable to breastfeed, have the opportunity to feed their children with this kind milk.  Four percent of babies are born in the set date. In the United States each year …

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Ice Cream From Breast Milk: She Find The Best Way To Refresh Her Baby!

In these hot days to all of us is difficult, but this mother found a way to help his son for a little refresh. Catherine Ward thought up new ice cream made from its milk. Thirty-eight year old mother decided milk from their breasts to freeze in an ice bag. She thought up the perfect refreshing dessert for her four-month-old …

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Quinoa – The “Golden Grain” For Good Health

Quinoa is a superfood that deserves to get a place of honor in the kitchen. Grown more than five centuries in the Andes and called “Gold of the Incas”, quinoa in recent years rapidly increasing their popularity among the supporters healthy food, to which are important nutritional values food consumption This food attend on more and more meals, because it …

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Freezing Purees: Yes Or No?

Homemade puree can be frozen. However, you should be careful about which foods you freeze. If it is fruit that you know it’s treated with pesticides, however you should to buy it for a child, but if you are using fruit or vegetable that you know that are not full of chemicals,then homemade puree is the right choice. Homemade puree …

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Creative Campaign Reminds Nursing Mothers And Pregnant Women On The Importance Of Healthy Eating

New impressive campaign raises awareness among women about the importance of healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. In the pictures, created for Brazilian pediatric association are shown babies who are suckling the breast of their mothers. The breast of the three mothers are drawn by one unhealthy product – a cheeseburger, donut and soda – and the babies are photographed …

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Research: For Children Only Two Cups Of Milk Per Day

According to new research by US scientists, preschool children who drink three or more cups of milk a day are at greater risk of developing obesity. The study involved about 8.950 children, who were followed for growth and development in relation to the frequency of milk consumption during the first four years of life. By analyzing the collected data, it …

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