Saturday , 24 June 2017

Baby & Toddler

Pregnant dog saves a toddler’s life by breastfeeding him

The story sounds strange but is much more beautiful than weird. This is Reina. Reina, whose name is Spanish for “Queen”, is a hero this week. On Thursday, authorities in Arica, Chile found Reina breastfeeding a missing 2-year-old child inside the mechanic’s workshop where she lived. Not only did Reina wet-nurse a child of a different species but she did …

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This Ford Crib Aims To Work That Sleeping Car Magic On Your Baby

The crib mimics a ride in the car to help baby nod off in the comfort of home It’s a parenting technique as old as cars themselves — driving around with baby in the backseat, hoping the sounds and movement from the car will help them drift off. Ford Motor Company gets it and is now in the process of creating …

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Why each parent “gets a heart attack” of the photographs of this father?

Irish dad goes viral after he photoshopped his baby daughter into some very scary situations. Pictures go viral after being published online. His daughter can be seen dangling from the top of the stairs and playing with knives. However, they are not real.  “I photoshopped my daughter into “marginally” dangerous situations. Nothing unbelievable,” he writes, “but enough to make people think …

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I Won’t Kiss My Kids on the Lips Because It’s Sexually Inappropriate

We’re excited to share this post written by Eden Strong from  YourTango. Recently, writer Sabrina Rogers-Anderson wrote an article titled, “Kissing Kids on the Lips Could Be Confused as Sexual? Ridiculous!” in which she states: “Let me get this straight: when my 2-year-old leans in for a slobbery kiss, I’m supposed to push her angelic little face away and explain …

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Are Toxic Chemicals Turning Boys Into Girls?

Male births have been in decline for decades, while researchers say developmental genital damage from chemical exposure can become hereditable.  Endocrine Disruptors Sabotage the Male Fetus In the dark warmth of the womb, a miracle unfolds silently and inexorably. An unrecognizable glom of cells begins to take shape according to a master plan laid down eons ago. The tiny mass …

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Mom Finds Unique Way To Mimic Breastfeeding After Exhausting All Her Options

It was back in late 2015 when I first came across Bridget Burke-Purdy’s unique breastfeeding story on the Facebook page Supply Line Breastfeeding Awareness Project. The page showcases mothers who are unable to breastfeed the traditional way because of low milk supply or other breastfeeding difficulties, and instead use a supplemental nursing device to feed their babies. For those unfamiliar …

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American Academy of Pediatrics Refuses to Back Vaccine Claims with Science

When asked whether it could provide studies to support specific claims it made about vaccine safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics ultimately declined. n January 10, 2017, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a press release to express its opposition to a federal commission that has been proposed by the Trump administration to examine vaccine safety and efficacy. The …

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Pregnant mum issues warning to others about this virus

Slapped cheek is a common virus most often affecting children. It’s usually a mild illness with no complications. However, if a pregnant woman catches slapped cheek, it can cause complications and affect her unborn baby. A mum-to-be has written a moving Facebook post to make other parents aware of the potential dangers of slapped cheek in pregnancy. Lula Besana’s son fell …

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