Saturday , 25 November 2017


Common Breastfeeding Criticisms And The Research To Bust Them!

As breastfeeding mothers we hear criticism and questionings from family, friends and strangers frequently.  I wanted to hear from mothers out there on the negative statements and questions people have said to them. I received over 350 comments from people on Facebook when I asked this question!  Here are some of their answers and my responses.  One of the hardest …

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Should I Switch My Breastfed Baby (or toddler) To Cow’s Milk?

Many mums wonder… “Is my milk still important for my toddler?” “Should I wean and switch to cow’s milk or toddler formula?” Have a piece of toast, have a little boob… Let me first tell you what this post is NOT about… ** It is not a post to try to convince you to continue breastfeeding if you do not …

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Why I Still Breastfeed My 4.5-Year-Old

Two years ago, I came across a story about a mother who still breastfeeds her 5-year-old daughter. I’m not really sure why it was newsworthy, but people were shocked to discover a woman feeding her small child the same way all mammals have fed their offspring for eons. All kinds of bloggers picked up the story, and busybodies jumped in on …

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Breastfeeding Toddlers – 7 Benefits Of Breastfeeding Your Toddler (VIDEO)

Until the widespread introduction of formula, many children breastfed for 2–3 years. Unfortunately, many mothers these days find themselves having to justify breastfeeding their non-infant child. Another big contributor to this is many people erroneously believe there is no or little benefit in breastfeeding toddlers. While the importance of breastfeeding is widely recognised, the duration of breastfeeding is still a controversial …

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Mom Shows What Breastfeeding Multitasking Really Looks Like

An NFL player captured a very real parenting moment before date night with his wife. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie took a video of his wife Terricka putting on makeup while breastfeeding one of their 2-month-old twins. The mom was prepping for the couple’s first date night since welcoming the babies. I got that #MilkMoney.. 1st time I'm leaving my babies for …

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Breastfeeding and Weaning: A Complete Cheat Sheet

Hey beautiful parents, how are you and your little ones doing? Finally am back after a break of almost two months. A lot of things kept me extremely occupied these days, will share those in this article. Being a digital marketer by profession and a blogger, specially parenting blogger by passion, views, reviews and feedback are three of the most …

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Mom Opens Breastfeeding Lounge: First Purpose Built Breastfeeding Cafe

A mother in the UK has reportedly set up a first-of-its-kind Breastfeeding cafe – with designated private booths for breastfeeding, and offering the services of a full-time nursing advisor, along with serving up special treats like lactation cookies – making this place a one of a kind experience out in the world where mothers since time immemorial have faced the …

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