Sunday , 21 January 2018


The most beautiful photo of skin-to-skin contact

  This gorgeous photo capturing the beauty and benefits of skin-to-skin contact with newborn babies has melted our hearts. The photo shows a tender moment as the babies’ big brother and dad both snuggle in a hospital bed, to give skin-to-skin contact to the latest additions to their family, newborn twin babies. It’s a real celebration of family and the …

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Mom witnesses her worst nightmare when she tries to wake up her daughter from a nap; she never imagined finding her like this in her own home

After a terrible experience with her own daughter, Jennifer Abma warns parents to take the necessary precautions to avoid what she calls a “silent death.” The mother shared on Facebook what happened to her daughter while napping in her room in mid-July. According to her story, it all started when she came to wake up her daughter, who did not respond. When …

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A Mom Is Accidentally Suspended By Facebook After Posting A Breastfeeding Photo

A mother’s breastfeeding photo uploads gets nasty comments and her account was then temporarily barred by Facebook, calling for a larger idea on why breast-feeding is so stigmatized? Breastfeeding just like other physiological and natural processes of a woman’s body has somehow again garnered ill-fated public reactions when posted online. This includes Facebook barring her account, which they later amended …

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To the Lady Ashamed of Being Pregnant With Her Fourth

I met you in the elevator on my way back from the pediatrician’s office. It was just me and Wren, and you looked at her fondly in her stroller. When the elevator doors opened, you very kindly held the doors open for me. As I clumsily maneuvered the stroller past you, I accidentally ran over your foot. “Don’t worry about …

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Meet The Family Where Mom Is Dad, Dad Is Mom And 4-Year-Old Son Is Raised As Gender Neutral

British couple Nikki and Louise Draven are one of Britain’s first families to raise their child, Star Cloud, in a completely gender fluid environment. Louise (Star’s Mom) was born as a man and is currently undergoing hormone therapy to successfully transition into a woman. Nikki (Star’s Dad) identifies as both male or female, and transitions between genders on a day-by-day basis. Both …

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Heroic Mom Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For 3-Yr-Old Daughter Swept Away By Flood

Hurricane Harvey has rained down unimaginable devastation on the city of Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Hundreds of thousands of people have been driven from their homes and local officials have reported at least 30 confirmed and suspected flood-related deaths. Throughout the course of this tragic event, we have heard countless stories of heroism and selflessness. Men and women have braved the storm and …

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