Saturday , 24 June 2017


Singaporean woman turned to donated milk instead of formula to feed her hungry baby

39-year-old Singaporean business owner Fiona Grier thought that she would be able to breastfeed her fourth child, Ciara normally, just like how she was able to for her first three kids. However, due to post-childbirth complications, Fiona wasn’t producing any milk after a week. There were retained placenta tissue which caused the hormones that were responsible for breastmilk production not …

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Oregon parents welcome ‘one in a million’ identical triplets

Call it maternal instincts, but Amber Hills said that even during her pregnancy she rarely got rattled over the idea of becoming a first-time mom to identical triplets. “I was totally calm and collected. It must be the mom hormones or something,” she told TODAY, a week after delivering three daughters via cesarean section. Her boyfriend and the triplets’ father …

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Who is happier, couples with kids or childfree couples?

The scientists came to a conclusion that couples with children are as happy as the ones who decide to not have children. “Parents value their own life more highly than people without children, but those who have children tend to be wealthier, better educated and in better health”, the study shows. “When you have the control over all of these …

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Could your family go without TV for a week?

Amy Orton, mum of two, set herself the challenge of seven screen-free days with her kids. Working from home, TV is a tool that I turn to when I’m up against it, although my two boys never watch more than a couple of hours spread throughout the day. But when Archie, three, started worrying if he’d still be able to …

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Why 19 kids are just not enough

Meet the US couple who are trying for their 20th baby Having 19 children is not enough for US couple Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, so they’re trying for their 20th.  Jim Bob, 48, and Michelle, 47, stars of the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, are already parents to Joshua, 25, twins Jana and John-David, 23, Jill, 22, …

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Mum gives birth to 3 sets of twins – in just 26 months!

We’re a bit open-mouthed and OMG about this one, too… So this is one mum who definitely has her hands well and truly full!  20-year-old Danesha Couch, who lives in Kansas, had her first set of twins, 2 little boys, 26 months ago. The babies were premature, and one of them sadly died. 14 months after their arrival, Danesha gave …

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