Tuesday , 24 October 2017


Grieving Dad Reminds Parents What’s Most Important In Life

Grieving dad lists the things he’s learned since losing his son Parenting is tough sometimes. When you’ve got a to-do list a mile long and the kids having a difficult day it’s very tempting to wish the clock would magically fast forward until bedtime just so you can have some quiet to actually hear yourself think. But the truth is …

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Yes, Atheist Parents Can Raise ‘Moral,’ Upstanding Children

When I became pregnant with my first child, my family was upset to find out my husband and I wouldn’t be raising our new baby with religion. I was raised Catholic and he was raised Presbyterian, and neither of us had set foot in a church more than a handful of times since graduating high school and moving out of …

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Mum shares shocking photos of her daughters burns to warn other parents

A mum has shared photos of the extensive burns her daughter received after she got stuck behind a radiator while she was playing. Now she’s sharing the photos to warn other parents of the potential danger of children playing near hot radiators. Two-year-old Bella Davey-Lawrence from Axminster, Devon, was playing at her dad’s house when the accident occured. Her mother, …

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Lying Down With Your Kids Until They Fall Asleep Is Not A Bad Habit

I’ve spent approximately 7 billion hours of my life lying in the dark next to a fidgety, sleepless child, praying to the gods that my child will finally go the eff to sleep. When the going gets tough, I’ve been known to hide under the blanket with my phone on the dimmest setting, scrolling through Facebook and hoping against hope that …

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Think Mom Life is Easy? This Mama Proves Otherwise

A real mom responded to a comment about how “easy” her life must be, and it’s something you NEED to see. We’ve all heard the comments. “What do you actually do on maternity leave?” “You’re so lucky you’re a stay-at-home mom, you must have soooo much time on your hands!” “Being a mom is not a real job.” “Oh, so you’re just a mom?” They’re …

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What Happens When You Give A Mother Touch-Free Time

A year ago I wrote “Why A Mother Doesn’t Want To Be Touched.” In it, I discussed how my wife sometimes gets “touched out.” We had three small children (8, 5, and 11 months) at that time, and after having them cling to her all day, she wanted nothing but to sit alone without anyone tugging at her body. This placed …

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I Have To Keep A Neat House Because Clutter Triggers My Anxiety

I get this itch every few months to trash or donate about half the things we own. I look around and all I see are unused toys, mismatched pieces of Tupperware, clothes that don’t fit, and wires belonging to god-knows-what electronic device that is probably broken or lost. It’s the same itch I feel when it’s the end of the …

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