Sunday , 21 January 2018


The moment captured by this mum is the true image of motherhood

A photo of a mum and her little girl has received over 12,000 likes after she posted it on Facebook yesterday. Kelli Bannister reluctantly posted the picture of her sick daughter in the embrace of her mother.   After her 20 month old daughter, Summer got infected with the flu from her brothers, Kelli was a mess with worry. She …

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54-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Granddaughter

Talk about the ultimate expression of a mother’s love: A 54-year-old woman recently served as a surrogate for her daughter, enduring a nine-month pregnancy and giving birth to her own granddaughter, via C-section. Both grandmother and baby are in good health and doing well. “It is such a blessing that I can do this for my daughter,” says Tracey Thompson …

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16 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about giving birth

There’s a lot of weird goings on before, during, and after labor, and you probably have a lot of questions about what is actually happening to your body. But asking these things can be awkward. Here are 16 questions you may want to know but are uncomfortable asking. Here are their answers: Why is mucus coming out? The mucus you’re …

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55 Years Old Woman Become a Mother Of Triplets!

Englishwoman Sharon Cats, despite is fifty-five years old recently gave birth to triplets after undergone IVF. She and her forty-year-old Stewart went to Cyprus for the procedure because its laws in the UK, she is too old for IVF. With this, Cats became the oldest mother of triplets in Britain. Sharon already has four grown children, but still wanted to …

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Dad Turns Into Midwife For Home Birth

Dad turns into midwife for home birth after the baby started to come before they going to the hospital. When 24-year-old Brit Holly Dawson had woken up her husband Martin at 3:30 am, they thought they had enough time to prepare and ease to reach the hospital. But baby Isabel Olivia had another plan and was born 40 minutes after …

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I Documented What It’s Like To Be A Mom With A Selfie Stick

Skorobogatova Yuliya made a series of selfie photos that in honest way document motherhood and situations with which all mothers face as they raise their babies. “My days all look the same, like twin brothers and sisters. I get to know the fact that a weekend has started from seeing my husband in a daytime and not only at waking up …

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Disgusting Or Stunning: Mother Shared Photo While Breastfeeding And Devided Opinions Of The Internet Community

Although is aware that for most people breastfeeding her three year old son completely unacceptable, Jade shared photo on her Facebook profile and so caused a “storm” on the Internet. Mother Jade Bill, which is professionally engaged in photographing, on her official Facebook page, she shared photograph of herself while breastfeeding her son. Photography has caused a lot of comments …

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