Monday , 21 August 2017


An Adoption Story- video that will make you cry

They were unsuccessfully trying to have children for nine years , and the moment when they met their adopted son for the first time will melt the most hardened hearts. This couple adoptive parents decided to share with the world the moment of limitless happiness when they first saw their baby. Nine years have tried unsuccessfully to have children. In …

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This Photo Has Conquered The World! -Incredible Story

Rose Kanfild died on Monday in her 101st year. Although this old lady is gone, her last photo will leave a huge mark in the hearts of many people across the world. Photo of Rose Canfield and her great-grandchildren Kelly Rowland recently lit the internet. The difference between Grandma and infant at the time of shooting were incredible 101 years. …

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Identical Triplets Surprised All Except Their Dad

This happens once in a million. Jody Kinsey (30) from Miles City’s in December gave birth to identical triplets. All three boys are healthy and have a good development. Their father had expected his wife to give birth to twins, because his father has a twin brother. Only every millionth triplets conceived naturally. Proud parents with their triplets When the …

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Girl With Rare Condition- With Her Heart On Outside Of Her Chest

It can be freely said that Virsaviya Borun is “one in a million.” 6-year-old girl, whose heart is beating out of her chest every day exceeds the expectations of was born with a very rare health condition. The heart of the Little Russian girl is out of her chest and is protected only by a thin layer of skin, so …

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You Did Not Know This? What doctors Do Not Tell All Future Mothers

According to studies, about 20 percent of mothers stated that their doctors did not report any instructions that have to do with breastfeeding or position of child while sleeping on their backs, which increases the risk of sudden infant death. At least 50 percent of mothers (who are pregnant for the first time) agreed that they were not informed about how …

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76 Reasons To Breastfeed

1. Mother’s milk is a unique composition and can not be artificially produced 2. Breast milk satisfies all metabolic needs of the child 3. Breast milk is uniquely adapted to the child 4. The mother’s milk is a multiple of the food – this is an immunologically active substance 5. Breastfeeding is a special psychophysical stimulant for mother and child …

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Photograph Of Breastfeeding On The Middle Of The Street Has Toured The World

A few days ago to the public was share a photo of mothers who want to promote breastfeeding in the best possible way – by breastfeeding in public. To this purpose they stopped traffic and made a picture that speaks more than a thousand words. Photographer that has immortalized this moment says that mothers from the organization Badass Breastfeeders of …

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Why This Photo Have Shocked The World?

This is the photo that shocked the world and raised a big debate. On the photo are shown two mothers with the uniforms of the US Army how are breastfeeding their children. Photograph occurred at the request of a group of women who are members of the organization Mom2MomBreastfeedingCampaign, which fights for women’s rights to breastfeed. They asked two mothers …

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